Beauty products: the 8 best beauty products that Vogue France editors packed in their bags this summer

Care, make-up, perfumes: what’s up jewelry beauty accessories changed in the plane of the editors of Vogue France to leave for a long weekend or holiday ? 1. Head to Toe, Clarins “Of course it’s easy to do, but why bother when we can think of everything for you! I love Clarins products, and in … Read more

Parfums Dior: the house is re-introducing 3 beautiful fragrances that we want to wear this summer.

This word comes fromEdmond Roudnitskaabout Diorissimo founded in 1956, inspired me a lot: “This perfume is also special because it is the result of a revolution that took place in my mind. I understand that since the beginning of the century, most perfumers, however successful they may be, have been dominated by a sense of … Read more

What nail color is the Vogue France editor wearing on the beach?

Is it blond gold, opalescent white, intense burgundy, or dark blue? Unlike the ballerina pink + poppy red duo, they have one thing in common: they go well with shoes. Well known, they avoid the closest pedicure teams. Here is an overview of the 10 lacquers that the editors of Vogue France will wear this … Read more