Masculine beauty: good smell without pollution

To see the ecological arguments that have been issued for each new product released in recent months, we say to ourselves that it is not so difficult, in the end, to reduce food pollution cosmetics. Solvent-free tanning, refillable bottles, reusable or recycled materials, traceability, fair trade, limited use of plastic, Finally investing in rejuvenating programs, … Read more

in times of disease, the smell is reviving

Fruits that are larger than life, a flower festival for morale, sillages for yourself like many mind trips… Some perfumes have a very strong effect. They register a T social moment or historical presage, ask us and propel us to a new time… Flashback to the trends of the last two years before diving into … Read more

The best perfumes for women, men and unisex to discover!

Discover the new perfumes 2022, the best women’s, men’s and unisex perfumes from the most famous brands, such as Dior, Chanel, Narciso Rodriguez, Armani…To face the new year with the right spirit, there is nothing better than experimenting with a new scent that inspires us, to give life to new ideas. New fragrances 2022 We … Read more

The rose, the star of summer fragrances

In need of perfume, the queen of flowers gathers flowers, fruits, herbs, spices and musks. Opulent or tangy, silky or boxy, this eternal youth always seems to pique our curiosity. More rose water stories? You forget that under the velvety petals there are thorns and spurs that are not always green flowers. A rose is … Read more

1 MILLION PARFUM and Lady Million Empire Collector are the new fragrances of paco rabanne

There are two types of men. The brave ones. And the viewers1 MILLION Scents. Same charisma. Same idea. New olfactory perfume. The fragrance: floral leather with the power of the sun The new flamboyance at 1 MILLION.By Christophe Raynaud and Quentin Bisch. Their mission is: Consider the new millionaire. The end: take a light bath. … Read more

Shopping 2022: 9 perfumes for men to give (or get)

The 2022 Winter Sale will run from Wednesday January 12 to Tuesday February 8, 2022 At the time of purchase, you will be tempted by the touch again or to comfort your loved ones and drink them with a pleasant aroma! Precious remedies for dullness, pschitt first perfumes can change the wearer’s aura. Sometimes it’s … Read more

7 The smell of a sweet-smelling tree like autumn

Leave fresh and invigorating notes of summer fragrances. It’s time to prove yourself this season! The rain and the sunset at the end of the afternoon invite you to decorate yourself with a way that is as pleasant as the temperature. Although the body is dressed in soft materials (wool, cashmere, velvet…), the skin of … Read more

For Mother’s Day, Chanel makes children dance

For Mother’s Day, Chanel made children dance in a beautiful ad The parade. Press/Chanel Happy and quirky, Chanel’s new beauty ad celebrates Mother’s and Father’s Day with a funny and moving children’s show. Decryption with its founder, Thomas Du Pré de Saint Maur. What are the main memories of Mother’s Day for us? Pictures, salted … Read more

Shopping for summer 2022: 7 light perfumes to wear this season

The summer 2022 sale runs from Wednesday June 22 to Tuesday July 19, 2022. In the summer, it is better to bet on a light scent. As the temperature rises, the scents last longer and sometimes become stronger. The strongest things can be difficult for those around you, so go for something light. With beautiful … Read more