Chanel: a Chanel pop-up store has been established in Paris to showcase the collection’s products

Done We all know the smell of N°5 de Chanel : a mix of enveloping rose, opulent jasmine, surrounded by vanilla and above all, an emphasis on aldehydes, which started, in 1921, the era of the new perfume. At that time, “women’s perfume with women’s perfume” was ordered Ernest Beaux na Gabrielle Chanel 80 items, … Read more

Beauty products: the 8 best beauty products that Vogue France editors packed in their bags this summer

Care, make-up, perfumes: what’s up jewelry beauty accessories changed in the plane of the editors of Vogue France to leave for a long weekend or holiday ? 1. Head to Toe, Clarins “Of course it’s easy to do, but why bother when we can think of everything for you! I love Clarins products, and in … Read more

The best advice from Gregoris, the creative director of Hermès beauty, for healthy skin

A skin balm that shines with care products, a perfect powder light like the wind and mattifying tissue papers: the new Plein Air collection from Hermès is the result of pure breath on the skin , will be brighter. , more beautiful and beautiful. Applications are in progress. Gregoris, the new Director responsible for the … Read more