Black Friday 2021: The Best Cyber ​​Monday Deals Discovered by GQ

Say goodbye to the single-breasted dress, accentuate your style with this double-breasted dress to reveal the beauty that lies within you while staying with the times with these pants with wide lapels! Sandro virgin wool dress Sandro women’s virgin wool sweaters A My Little Chef recipe Multifunction food processor – Senya You don’t need to … Read more

Shopping 2022: 9 perfumes for men to give (or get)

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7 The smell of a sweet-smelling tree like autumn

Leave fresh and invigorating notes of summer fragrances. It’s time to prove yourself this season! The rain and the sunset at the end of the afternoon invite you to decorate yourself with a way that is as pleasant as the temperature. Although the body is dressed in soft materials (wool, cashmere, velvet…), the skin of … Read more

Shopping for summer 2022: 7 light perfumes to wear this season

The summer 2022 sale runs from Wednesday June 22 to Tuesday July 19, 2022. In the summer, it is better to bet on a light scent. As the temperature rises, the scents last longer and sometimes become stronger. The strongest things can be difficult for those around you, so go for something light. With beautiful … Read more