the uncertainty of the first choice, the giant Holmgren intrigues

The 76th NBA draft, Friday, looked unconcerned, lanky giant Chet Holmgren threatening to fire strong winger Jabari Smith a former, asset of the Orlando Magic, looking for a savior. According to various predictions, this new cuvée will be marked by a large crowd, with three ponds expected to be on the podium. Jabari Smith (2.08m) … Read more

Steve Kerr (Golden State) after losing to Boston in Game 3: “They can get us”

Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, after losing Game 3 in Boston (116-100): “They deserve this victory. With their pressure, we thought we would swim in the ocean most of the evening. In the first half, we didn’t defend very well. They didn’t follow the rules, but they ran into us and hurt … Read more