And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

Fresh, stimulating, floral, woody, amber, peppery, sensual, bold…here are some ideas for new fragrances dedicated to men that will not be missed on Father’s Day. More snow In the family of the Terre d’Hermès film, here is Christine Nagel’s olfactory innovation, called Eau Givrée. “I wanted to challenge the idea that fresh and light, explained … Read more

the President will not go alone

Emmanuel Macron is enjoying his vacation at Fort de Brégançon. The Head of State treats himself to a boat trip. The images are not visible on the Internet. Emmanuel Macron: his wife was greatly affected by his presence The life of the President of the Republic is not easy. His professional commitments take a big … Read more

The Blue Train is a palace on the train to the Riviera

To get going, sometimes all you have to do is close your eyes. Come up with. As soon as the Blue Train pulls up, the excitement begins. A long line of luxury cars where a rich class can relax in the sun and the Côte d’Azur. Residents watch for the strong fall of its corridor, … Read more

Amaryllis belladonna (Amaryllis belladonna) or belladonna lily: planting, care

Belladonna amaryllis (Amaryllis belladonna) or belladonna lily, as it is sometimes called Brunsvigia roseait is very hardy (-5°C) which is the waste of the coastal hills and river banks of South Africa. From its large, fleshy bulb, grows an erect, hard, bare, red-green bud, bearing red flowers with a length of 6 to 10cm, collected … Read more

The best perfumes for women, men and unisex to discover!

Discover the new perfumes 2022, the best women’s, men’s and unisex perfumes from the most famous brands, such as Dior, Chanel, Narciso Rodriguez, Armani…To face the new year with the right spirit, there is nothing better than experimenting with a new scent that inspires us, to give life to new ideas. New fragrances 2022 We … Read more

3 good sour beers | Love love

Suggestion from Sylvain Bouchard, beer sommelier. 3.8% alc. /log out. Price: $5.49 / 473ml Serve between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius Many of the bitter beers on the market are a product of a beer style that originated in Berlin: Berliner Weiss. Very clear, refreshing, low alcohol (+/- 3% alc./vol.) wheat beer with lactic acidity … Read more

PHOTOS – Charlotte Casiraghi, Camille Cerf, Louane… the most beautiful summer clothes of the stars 2022

In Paris, Madrid or Milan … the stars will be doing a lot this summer. Check out the most beautiful summer 2022 dresses of the stars. Bandana on the hair, glasses, shorts or long dresses… The stars put out their most beautiful and light electronic clothes to stand the hot sun of the season. Among … Read more