Contrasting natural fragrances with synthetic fragrances makes no sense.

Reading time: 8 min False argument, false fight. The opposition between synthetic and natural is not correct, because both are needed in the composition of a perfume. However, the paradox of paradoxes is that nature is often the most problematic. At the beginning of the perfume, there were only natural ingredients. Egypt produced the first … Read more

Screens Lyon – A season of cinema

A film semester / On the screens, go home with a stomach: the last quarter usually holds most of the Cannes, Venetian and Angoumois documents, which are added to the Christmas blockbusters. The program promises a lot, showing well the cinemas that are of great interest to visitors. Short term analysis. September The end September … Read more

What are some memorable comics?

A beautiful photo of Jimi Hendrix? The moving and ecological history of the broken mouth? The life of an artist in Turkey under Erdogan? A touching and instructive letter between a critic and an artist? The physical and artistic journey of a great writer? A thriller among young Americans? We guide you. 1- “The last … Read more

What is the fastest growing evergreen tree to plant in the fall? Our Privacy Policy 7

Fall is a great time of year to plant trees. So it’s the right time to wait and organize your terrace, your balcony or your garden. A fast growing evergreen shrub suitable for quickly creating privacy, hiding the wall, filtering the wind, eliminating the invisible elements. The evergreen leaves guarantee you a visual effect all … Read more

15 indoor plants for your home

Here are some ideas for the hottest tropical plants to add to your home for a sense of freshness and exoticism every day. Design plant n°1: Monstera deliciosa A monstera growing in a pot. Owner: Marina Gorevaya See also Decorative and decorative, the monstera deliciosa or philodendron deserves its place in your garden. This green … Read more