Rugby Cranes XV is in a state of no return

Only three African countries, apart from South Africa, have attended the Rugby World Cup. Ivory Coast (one), Zimbabwe (two times) and Namibia (six times) are the others. Although quadrennial competition began in 1987, Uganda only joined the world championship in 1995. It takes another eight years for Uganda to enter the certification party, doing so … Read more

New Zealand and Irish rugby teams and competitions for sports fans

Kaahele July 1, 2022 03:00 AM4 minutes to read Decide on the number: Ireland v New Zealand, who is the home country of the Rugby League? Images / Getty Images Located in other parts of the world, there are many sporting links between Ireland and New Zealand. When the All Blacks take on the All … Read more

Can the Selecao end two years of anger in Qatar?

June 30, 2002, Yokohama. Ronaldo jumped on Rivaldo’s dummy ahead of Oliver Kahn of Germany, and became the ninth -second man at the end of the World Cup and Brazil became the world champion. At the time, the player’s performance level was unmatched to this day for the Selecao, with Brazil not adding their five … Read more