Coco Chanel, the successful entrepreneur

business Wednesday, May 18, 2022na Mathilde Seifert Malraux predicted “of the XXwould be century in France, three names remain: de Gaulle, Picasso and Chanel”. Gabrielle Chasnel marked French history. It would be like discounting his work to think of him as a fashion designer. Freeing women and their ideas, Coco Chanel established herself over the … Read more

Kind of diplomacy. Today is “remember” day… An example of Israel in an Arab newspaper. – Israel Valley

STORY OF ABRAHAM AGREEMENT. The year 2021 marks a new beginning for fashion diplomacy. In January, the Italian designer Miuccia Prada confirmed the cultural relationship between Europe and America by presenting amazing models at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. The presence of Prada on the stage is a symbol of the continuation of the … Read more