Red »… Cinema of the week released

THE CAR BOARD Something strange in the Californian atmosphere, the personal and family diary of a journey, the adaptation of a popular manga, a crazy bird… the program promises this week, in dark rooms. “No”: a great epic Along with Boophis third feature film, Jordan Peele fulfills the veritable dream of the famous legend, combining … Read more

Chanel: a Chanel pop-up store has been established in Paris to showcase the collection’s products

Done We all know the smell of N°5 de Chanel : a mix of enveloping rose, opulent jasmine, surrounded by vanilla and above all, an emphasis on aldehydes, which started, in 1921, the era of the new perfume. At that time, “women’s perfume with women’s perfume” was ordered Ernest Beaux na Gabrielle Chanel 80 items, … Read more

The life and work of Osvaldo Pugliese: High ideals don’t have to win, they have to give.

A famous story, which has become very popular in the world of musicians, says that when a problem arises you must say “Pugliese” three times, referring to Don Osvaldo Pugliese. Once this is done, luck will come and difficult situations will be resolved.. Among the figures of our popular music, there are men of the … Read more

The Blue Train is a palace on the train to the Riviera

To get going, sometimes all you have to do is close your eyes. Come up with. As soon as the Blue Train pulls up, the excitement begins. A long line of luxury cars where a rich class can relax in the sun and the Côte d’Azur. Residents watch for the strong fall of its corridor, … Read more

PHOTOS – Charlotte Casiraghi, Camille Cerf, Louane… the most beautiful summer clothes of the stars 2022

In Paris, Madrid or Milan … the stars will be doing a lot this summer. Check out the most beautiful summer 2022 dresses of the stars. Bandana on the hair, glasses, shorts or long dresses… The stars put out their most beautiful and light electronic clothes to stand the hot sun of the season. Among … Read more

Behind the scenes of Chanel perfumes

From the creation of a perfume, through the design of its bottle, to its placement on the chrome shelves of a store, it must bring together a multitude of contributors from different backgrounds. . A brand that launches its perfume calls for a perfumer connected to a large olfactory chamber, considering the water of many … Read more