Top 10 news stories, top of the week #389

Love my vanilla and chocolate meringues (yes not yet but if there is a baker around she can try) how are you today? Yes, it’s hot now, yes, the world is going down the drain and yes, we’re all going to die of disease or malnutrition but the ostrich has enough, keep going Let’s go … Read more

Shopping for summer 2022: 7 light perfumes to wear this season

The summer 2022 sale runs from Wednesday June 22 to Tuesday July 19, 2022. In the summer, it is better to bet on a light scent. As the temperature rises, the scents last longer and sometimes become stronger. The strongest things can be difficult for those around you, so go for something light. With beautiful … Read more

The banana king or coke baron, in Montenegro, the enigma of the Krstovic trial

This photo provided by the Montenegrin police shows the seizure of one ton of cocaine hidden in a shipment of bananas, in Mojanovici, Montenegro, on August 28, 2021. PA Among the products offered that day was one of the most valuable and called Budimir Krstovic, “Buda Banana”. This Serbo-Montenegrin businessman has been importing exotic fruits … Read more