Black Panther star Leticia Wright continues to be hounded over vaccination status

Black Panther star Leticia Wright continues to be hounded over vaccination status

Two years ago, Letitia Wright sparked controversy, liking and retweeting tweets supporting the cancellation of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and expressing concerns about COVID-19 vaccines. Two years later, and after the release of her blockbuster MCU movie, many media outlets are still wondering if Letitia Wright would address her position on vaccines during the press tour of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Wright received backlash in 2020 after posting an anti-vaccine video on Twitter with the caption: “If you don’t confirm popular views. but ask questions and think for yourself…they cancel you”. Immediately, concerns about Wright were raised among pro-vaccine elements in the hollywood mediawith multiple calls to “cancel” Shuri, which is exactly what the actress said would happen.

Wright explained why he posted the video in response to the criticism, stating that it “raised my concerns about the vaccine’s content.” Wright was then singled out by the hollywood reporter in 2021 as a celebrity who was opposed to vaccinations (a claim she refuted), prompting some to call for her role to be removed.

When asked about the incident again during an interview with the guardianWright said: “I feel like it’s something I experienced two years ago and I have moved on in a healthy way.. And in a healthy way I have apologized and deleted my Twitter. I only apologized for any harm caused to anyone.”

But the Guardian reporter remained dissatisfied and insisted on clarifying what the actress’s apology meant. Wright responded that she was misrepresented by people who accused her of being anti-vaxxers: “Those are things I’m not and I apologized and I have moved.”

But some media, such as the daily point are still very pro-vaccineand despite recent news that More vaccinated than unvaccinated people diealready in the light of revelations by a Pfizer representative who vaccines were not fully tested to see if they prevent transmission before being rolled outits reporters like Gavia Baker-Whitelaw continue to harass Black Panther: Wakanda Forever actress because they say she “didn’t really give a straight answer” and complain that Wright was just repeating that she “apologizes and moves on” with the controversy.

That is apparently inappropriate for the Daily Dot.

But the hollywood reporter perhaps he has treated Wright with less respect. The entertainment outlet recently named her as one of three potential awards season contenders who have “personal luggage” because she publicly expressed her concern about vaccines. But that’s not the first time she’s been harassed for her views on vaccines. According to news weekWright responded with an angry post on her official Instagram account Monday night about a story by journalist Scott Feinberg that she is potentially “troubled” with the two other actors mentioned as Will Smith and Brad Pitt.

“I had to unlock The Hollywood Reporter just to post this. Scott Feinberg and everything in this post. You all are incredibly disrespectful. How dare you. You mentioned my name alongside men who have been accused of abuse and sexual misconduct. This is vile behaviorWright wrote.

the hollywood reporter The article complained that Wright shared that video questioning vaccines on Twitter in late 2020, further including an unsourced rumor last year on THR that Wright had espoused anti-vaccine views on the set of the Black Panther continuation. The article also included that Wright denied the rumors, but still led to a call on social media for the actress to recast.

When will Hollywood give him a break? Is an actor’s stance on vaccines or his vaccination status now fair game in the entertainment media? What do you think?

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