OMG Helena Bonham Carter: Internalized misogyny is never a good look

OMG Helena Bonham Carter: Internalized misogyny is never a good look

The actress acknowledges that Amber Heard got on the #MeToo ‘bandwagon’

November 28, 2022 2:21 PM(Updated at 14:48)

Helena Bonham Carter has been named the first female president of the Library of London, a 181-year-old establishment that counts Charles Dickens as one of its founding members. Membership costs £525 a year.

Sounds like the best of Bonham Carter to me: quaint, with the unmistakable whiff of a certain kind of English-heritage privileged glamour. The kind that comes from a long legacy of greatness, wealth and greatness. Like the Library of London, Bonham Carter has enjoyed a high-society lineage: members of the Royal Family and Prime Ministers play a significant role in the library’s history and its new president. In fact, it’s the perfect quote for an actor known for his leading roles in literary adaptations, aristo-gothic style and open points of view.

Of course, the Library of London will enjoy the publicity associated with the movie star and his many famous friends. Take the recent Bonham Carter Interview with The times, for instance. In addition to discussing her honorary role at the library, she doesn’t mince words in her assessment of some of today’s most controversial public figures, from JK Rowling to Johnny Depp.

Now, it is not surprising that Bonham Carter is asked about the Rowling’s Transphobia Row or the ongoing debacle between Depp and Heard because she has collaborated with both and is very close to Johnny Depp (who is the godfather of her two children). The couple also co-starred in seven films and were regulars in 2000s Tim Burton films, including Sweeney Todd, Dark shadows, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Y Alice in Wonderland. We may be used to hearing from celebrities who refuse to get involved in controversial issues, especially those involving family and friends, but Bonham Carter is having none of that. She comes out swinging.

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His partner Depp, who was best friends with former Bonham Carter partner Tim Burton, remains embroiled in a now high-profile legal battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The latest episode in the legal skirmish between Depp and Heard was the libel case brought by the pirates of the Caribbean star, claiming that Heard defamed him in a 2018 Washington Post opinion piece. The jury found that Heard in fact, he had slandered Depp, but in a curve that has been nearly wiped out of the revised social media narrative of the case, the jury also found that one of Depp’s legal team had also slandered Heard by characterizing his abuse as a “hoax”. Confused? You can bet. Heard is set to appeal the verdict, but Bonham Carter seems unfazed by the ramifications of the messy trial.

“Oh, I think it’s completely vindicated,” he said. “I think it’s okay now. Totally fine.” It sounds a bit like when you’re trying to convince a partner that you’re completely over a breakup. “Oh yeah. I’m fine. Totally fine. Totally and completely fine…” as you raise a fifth glass of Pinot Grigio to trembling lips.

However, is Depp “fully vindicated”? After all, the Depp v. Heard was not about who was or was not a victim: it was a libel case. And, according to the jury, both parties were defamed by the other. It is not exactly a “full claim” by anyone’s standards. Well, apart from Bonham Carter, that is.

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Depp didn’t do well with the evidence either. The trial was televised, and while Depp’s die-hard social media followers refused to acknowledge it, the minutiae of Depp’s life, habits and attitudes were exposed and, well, they’re pretty bleak. The polished varnish of Depp’s carefully crafted and curated celebrity profile was well tarnished. But hey, because Depp has been traveling the world with Jeff Beck since before the end of the trial and has returned to the big screen. in fact, he is return to the public consciousness as much as it once was.

However, Bonham Carter pays little attention to her partner’s ex. She thinks Heard jumped on it. #MeToo “car” hoping to become a “poster girl” for it. Helena has gone rogue on this. What woman wants to be a “poster girl” for domestic violence? Heard had a flourishing career as a movie star. She was a spokesperson for L’Oreal and had won a major role in the Marvel franchise. But fame, fortune and a lifetime of free cosmetics aren’t enough – not when you can be the face of intimate partner violence! Bonham Carter is talking as if women who report domestic violence are doing well. Like it’s a professional trick for women to allege abuse.

It seems fitting, then, that the Library of London is 181 years old because Bonham Carter’s attitude towards women stems from the same era. “That’s the problem with this stuff,” Bonham Carter says of the dangers of the #MeToo movement, “that people will jump on the bandwagon because it’s the trend and to be the poster girl.”

Hey, Helena, the 19th century called and wants its internalized misogyny back.

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