The 10 Longest Breaks Between Actors Reprising Their Movie Roles

The 10 Longest Breaks Between Actors Reprising Their Movie Roles

a christmas story is one of the most beloved Christmas movies ever made, and a direct sequel hit HBO Max on November 17. which sees Peter Billingsley return as Ralphie. That marks 39 years since the actor last played the role, but in a world where legacy sequels are so popular, that’s not the only example of a massive gap between actors reprising iconic roles.

Between Paul Newman starring in the first legacy sequel, Michael Keaton returning as the Caped Crusader, and tons of Harrison Ford roles, these actors kept fans waiting for decades. And one couple has even gone a full half century between playing the same character.


10/10 Paul Newman as Fast Eddie – 27 years old

Tom Cruise and Paul Newman in The Color of Money

While legacy sequels couldn’t be more popular right now, as it’s one of the biggest trends in Hollywood right now, the color of money it is the first legacy sequel. The 1986 movie about swimming pool hustlers is a sequel to the 1961 one. The scammerand the connective tissue is Fast Eddie (Paul Newman).

Newman reprized the role for the sequel where he mentored the incredible pool player Vincent Lauria (Tom Cruise), and it’s one of the few sequels better than the original film. And now he’s been even longer since the color of moneysince 36 years have passed since its release, fans want to see a legacy third part starring Cruise and passing the torch.

9/10 Jack Lemmon as Felix Ungar – 30 years old

Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau looking off screen in The Odd Couple II

the odd couple is one of the most charming and influential comedies of the 1960s, and it established a premise that has been borrowed from countless comedies since. Nevertheless, the odd couple II It was one of the most amazing sequels to come in the ’90s, especially since it follows the original by 30 years.

However, Jack Lemmon returned to play the lovable but annoying Felix Ungar, and Walter Matthau also reprized his role as Felix’s unlikely roommate Oscar Madison. Unfortunately, unlike The color of money, The odd couple 2 it did not meet with the same reception as its predecessor, and was a fall from grace as it is considered a critical and commercial failure.

8/10 Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker – 32 years old

Luke remembers the ending of The Force Awakens

Since the entirety of the force awakens is about the search for Luke Skywalker, it would have been a bitter disappointment if fans didn’t get to see Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). And while he was only on screen for a few seconds, seeing him on screen couldn’t have been a more satisfying reward. Hamill’s return to the epic saga in the 2015 film marks a 32-year gap, as audiences last saw him in 1983. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

But the force awakens not only did it see the return of Hamill, it saw the return of the original three, Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher. While fans unfortunately didn’t get to see Ford and Hamill share a scene together, the 2015 release had some great fan service and is a masterclass in making a legacy sequel.

7/10 Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne – 33 years old

Michael Keaton in the Batman cowl

Everyone has a personal favorite portrayal of Batman, and Michael Keaton is one of the most popular. The actor played the Caped Crusader in 1989. bat Man and 1992 batman returnsand his performance was unlike any I’ve followed, as he played Bruce Wayne as truly tortured and lonely.

Fans have yet to see Keaton return as Batman, though it would have already happened. if Warner Bros. didn’t cancel Bat girland most of his fans bat Man the movies probably don’t even know that he’ll reprise the role. But Keaton will be wearing the cape and cowl once more in the upcoming The flashwhich is slated for a 2023 release. The actor will apparently have a major role in the film, but what role he’ll play in the wider DC Extended Universe remains a mystery.

6/10 Harrison Ford as Deckard – 35 years old

Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner 2049

Ford is ostensibly the king of legacy sequels, but that could simply be because he has so many iconic roles under his belt. In addition to reprising the role of Indiana Jones after a 19-year gap with kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, and together with return to Star Wars after 32 years, the celebrated actor reprized the role of Deckard in Blade Runner 2049.

The 2017 film came 35 years after the original. Bounty hunterY although 2049 bombed at the box office, is considered one of the deepest sci-fi movies of the 2010s. And while it answers one of the movie’s biggest mysteries, it raises many other mysteries as well. Deckard’s arc is surprisingly emotionally wrapped up, and he certainly got a much better ending than Han Solo’s.

5/10 Tom Cruise as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell – 36 years old


Like the color of money, Top Gun: Maverick is another legacy sequel starring Cruise, only this time he’s on the other end of things. Where he was the baby-faced newcomer in the go-getter movie, the actor plays the seasoned pilot 36 years after audiences first saw the character in the original film. top gun.

Top Gun: Maverick It was released this year and has completely taken the world by storm as no one could have predicted how successful it would be at the box office. The film has grossed nearly $1.5 billion worldwide (via Mojo Box Office), and even found an audience with people who had no connection to Maverick or the original movie, which is an achievement in itself.

4/10 Peter Billingsly as Ralphie Parker – 39 years old

A Christmas Story Christmas Peter Billingsley Ralphie

While it’s been years since the last truly instant classic Christmas movie, there seems to be a host of potential Christmas classics coming out this year, one of which is A Christmas story Christmas. Weather there has already been a christmas story aftermathfans and the studio would rather forget them, and the 2022 release is a direct follow-up to the 1983 original.

The new film also sees Peter Billingsly reprising the role of Ralphie Parker for the first time since a christmas story too, and it will be jarring to see that Billingsly was only 11 in the original movie. Hopefully the next movie is more like home alone 2 and less like home sweet home alone.

3/10 Nick Castle as Michael Myers – 40 years old

Michael Myers in Halloween ends

Although there were nine Hallowe’en films subsequent to the 1978 original, Michael Myers actor Nick Castle never reprized the role until the tenth film in the franchise, 2018 Hallowe’en. It’s a respectful move given that the studio didn’t need to do that, and it probably wouldn’t have generated less ticket sales if someone else was cast as the masked killer.

It also showed that the studio and director David Gordon Green were dedicated to making a Hallowe’en film that was a return to form. Unfortunately though, Castle also returned for the two sequels, halloween kills Y end halloweenwho were seriously injured.

2/10 Ellen Burstyn as Chris MacNeil – 50 years old

Ellen Burstyn played Chris MacNeil in The Exorcist, and even though it’s almost 50 years old, it’s still one of the scariest horror movies ever made. While there have been some mediocre sequels released in those 50 years, some of which even Martin Scorsese enjoysBurstyn never returned to the franchise.

That’s about to change next year, however, as the actor will reprise the role of MacNeil in a direct sequel to the original film. Its release is scheduled for October 13, 2023 (via MovieWeb), and will be directed by David Gordon Green, who directed the recent Hallowe’en trilogy, which is cause for emotion and concern.

1/10 Dick Van Dyke as Mr. Dawes – 54 years old

Mr Dawes.  mister

After first playing not one but two roles in the original Mary Poppins In 1964, while playing both the chimney sweep Bert and the evil bank manager Mr. Dawes Senior, Dick Van Dyke returned for the sequel 54 years later. Unfortunately, beloved Bert isn’t in the movie, but while he’s not exactly the same character, Van Dyke plays the son of Mr. Dawes Sr. in The return of Mary PoppinsMr Dawes Jr.

Few actors today have the charm and charisma that Van Dyke had in the 1964 film, as he brought the original film to life in its entirety, and that still shows through in the 2018 release. Even at the age of 92 , also fully lights up the screen in the sequel.

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