Many fans blinked and missed Christina Ricci’s role in The Matrix Resurrections

Many fans blinked and missed Christina Ricci’s role in The Matrix Resurrections

Christina Ricci has been making her presence known in Hollywood for decades. She is largely known for portraying characters with a darker disposition such as prozac nation Elizabeth and of the monster Selby Wall, Ricci’s career began in the early 1990s. Ricci won the hearts of many with his portrayal of Wednesday Addams and was featured in a music video for Cher’s The Shoop Shoop song (It’s in her kiss). His career continued to flourish enough for her to land roles working alongside the likes of Johnny Depp and Samuel L. Jackson.


Ricci has been steadily working since the start of his career in big and small roles in big-budget and independent films, as well as television roles, voice acting, and non-stop music video appearances. Christina Ricci fans were excited to learn that she appears in Matrix: Resurrections and they were curious about how big or small the role he would have in the movie would be.

Who stars in The Matrix: Resurrections?

Matrix: Resurrections was released 18 years after the release of the last film in the original trilogy in 2003. Matrix: Revolutions capped off the trilogy with Keanu Reeves returning as “The One” Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity.

Lawrence Fishburne, of course, reprized his role as Morpheus and Hugo Weaving returned as the series’ memorable big bad, Agent Smith. Oracle and The Architect characters also appeared in this film. Jada Pinkett Smith also has a role in this movie as Niobe.

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Matrix: Resurrections of course, it stars Keanu Reeves as Neo and Carie-Anne Moss as Trinity, with Jada Pinkett Smith returning as an older version of her character Niobe. While Morpheus and Smith also appear, as expected from The Matrix, they are played by different actors.

Instead of having Lawrence Fishburne as Morpheus, viewers were presented with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s portrayal of a younger Morpheus. Smith is now played by actor Jonathan Groff instead of Hugo Weaving.

Reactions to these casting choices were understandably mixed, as fans were used to Fishburne and Weaving’s versions of the characters. but it seemed to be mostly positive.

This film also features the Bugs characters played by Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick Harris as The Analyst, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Sati.

Fans of Netflix’s Sense 8 will also notice some familiar faces in Brian J. Smith and Max Riemelt, both respectively playing the characters of Berg and Shepherd. And of course, Christina Ricci makes a brief but memorable appearance in the film.

Christina Ricci appears briefly in The Matrix: Resurrections

When The Matrix Resurrections was announced, fans of the franchise had mixed reactions, with many expressing disdain at the idea of ​​bringing the films back. Many made it known that they had no interest or desire for another film to be added to the franchise.

Some fans were convinced when it was announced that Ricci would make an appearance in the film. And while her name simply being attached to the project was enough for some, others pointed out that potential bad writing can’t be fixed by simply adding great actors to the roster.

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Ricci appears briefly on screen and doesn’t have many lines, but his character is memorable. Ricci plays Gwyn de Vere, which is believed to be a play on the name Guinevere from Arthurian legend. a game company CEO who appears in the film.

Gwyn as a character makes her appearance in the film shortly after Thomas, aka Neo, is told that he must make a Matrix 4 game, or risk violating his employment contract with the company.

Gwyn leads the meeting and says how excited she is to be a part of working on the next installment of the “game that changed the game so much.” She hands out paperwork containing focus group information on Matrix games.

Gwyn points out key phrases like “originality” and “fresh”, which excites everyone else in the meeting except Thomas, who is due to work on the game, which some believe is meant to reflect how the director felt about being forced to make a quarter. movie.

Ricci has worked with the Wachowskis before

The Wachowskis worked on all four of Matrix films, and reportedly reluctantly in the fourth film in the series, as they had no intention of bringing the series back after its third film.

Lana Wachowski is the only one of the sibling pair to have returned to the film series, and It is assumed that Lana wanted to work with Christina Ricci againso it is possible that they have included it in the project.

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Ricci and the Wachowskis had previously worked together for the film. speed racerand all parties involved spoke positively about working together, leading to speculation that Ricci likely could have had a bigger role in the film were it not for scheduling conflicts.

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