How old is Indy in Indiana Jones 5 (and Harrison Ford’s actual age)?

How old is Indy in Indiana Jones 5 (and Harrison Ford’s actual age)?

The upcoming Indiana Jones 5 will be the last time Harrison Ford plays the iconic character, but how old is Indy in the upcoming adventure?

indiana jones 5 It will put an end to the journey of the legendary adventurer, but how old will he be? Despite being a huge success in 2008, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull left an undeniable bad taste in the mouths of critics and moviegoers. That could be one of the reasons why she took more than a decade to indiana jones 5 to come together, with original director Steven Spielberg eventually walking out and handing it over to James Mangold. indiana jones 5 will take place in 1969 and will see the main character fighting ex-Nazis in the context of the space race.


Although even the original in search of the lost ark offered some jokes about Indiana’s age, the fifth film will make her twilight years a key part of the story. Weather indiana jones 5 will feature a prologue set in 1944, most of it will take place in 1969. Since Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr was born in 1899, this will make him around 70 years old in indiana jones 5. Harrison Ford himself was 79 when production began on the sequel, which will make his commitment to action sequences and stunts all the more impressive.

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How old were Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford in previous Indy movies?

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark overlapping with Ford in Indiana Jones 5

The opening scene of Indiana Jones and the last crusade made it clear that young Indy (River Phoenix) had been adventuring since he was 13; he also explained Indiana hat/whip combo. The public first met Indiana in in search of the lost ark, which was set in 1936. This would make him between the ages of 36 and 37, while Ford turned 38 during filming. the second entry Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom acted as a prequel to raiders, taking place a year earlier in 1935, placing the age of the good doctor between 35 and 36 years; Ford turned 41 during production.

The main plot of 1989 last crusade found Indiana teaming up with his father Henry Jones, Sr. (Sean Connery) to take on more Nazis in 1938. This makes it 38 to 39, while the star himself turned 46 filming the sequel. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brought the franchise back after nearly 20 years. This leap in time is reflected in the film, which takes place in 1957, placing Indiana – who may or may not be immortal – between 57 and 58 years old; Ford turned 65 doing it.

Indiana Jones 5 Will Tell a Fitting Old Indy Story

Indiana Jones 5 Harrison Ford New York City

discussing take over indiana jones 5 from Spielberg to Empire, James Mangold revealed that he tweaked the script so that Ford’s age was a key part of the story. The drafts that had been developed made some jokes about his advancing age, but for the director, he wanted the final film to become a “movie about a hero at sunset.“Similarly to no time to die was designed around the departure of Daniel Craig’s Bond, indiana jones 5 gets a chance to tell the definitive old Indy story.

Of course, the ending doesn’t have to involve Indiana Jones dying in the next outing, but in saying goodbye to such an iconic figure, addressing Ford’s age will grant him greater power. the movies and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles T.V. series have already covered much of Jones’ life, though the latter’s canonical status is questionable, while indiana jones 5 can offer a final chapter. Faced with a world that changed so drastically during Indy’s lifetime alone, having him go on one last adventure to take down some old enemies sounds like a great ending story.

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