MYTHIC QUEST Summary: (S03E04) The Two Joes

MYTHIC QUEST Summary: (S03E04) The Two Joes

DISCLAIMER: This summary of the mythical mission The episode “The Two Joes” contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

BALL OF FIRE! I think it was the late great Robert Frost who wrote: “Two Joes diverged in a yellow forest…” Or something like that. mythical missionThe latest exit experiments with various sitcom tropes. It’s a damn delicious. That four-way phone call will live perpetually in my brain, rent-free.

It may seem like it doesn’t advance the plot in any significant way, but we do see the building blocks of multiple situations that could arise later in the season. We see Dana fall deeper into Ian Grimm’s rabbit hole, Poppy and Ian’s fractured relationship, Brad reinserting himself as a company asset, and David choosing joe manganiello as a protagonist in the mythical mission Film adaptation. I can’t wait to see how it all hilariously implodes.

Ready to dig into “The Two Joes”? Let’s do it.

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We open with Poppy (charlotte nicdao) running towards Dana’s (imani hakim) desk in the GrimPop offices. Poppy asks where Ian is, and Dana gestures to her handset. Poppy reveals that he finally completed his expanded prototype of Hera and wants Dana to prove it. Dana contacts Ian, asking if he heard the tone in Poppy’s voice, too. Dana reminds Poppy that she is no longer a tester. After a brief bickering session with Ian, Poppy warns Dana about her deepening bond with him. Once he gets in your ear, there’s no getting him out. It’s like the tagline of a horror movie.

Dana sits at a desk in front of a keyboard while smiling in Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode 4, "The Two Joes."

MYTHIC QUEST — Season 3 Episode 4, “The Two Joes”. In the picture: Imani Hakim.

So Jo (jessie ennis) informs David (david hornsby) about a major celebrity calling to express interest in starring in the mythical mission adaptation. The famous actor in question? None other than Joe Manganiello, aka the True Blood stallion (David’s words and mine). Jo talks to Joe’s representative and confirms a lunchtime meeting that day, much to David’s dismay. He’s not ready, he confronted during that call!

Meanwhile, IanRob McElhenney) and Dana are in the latter’s car and on their way to a speaking engagement. These newly christened best friends travel on the same wavelength. It is as if they were two halves that form an ingenious whole. Carol (Naomi Ekperigin) takes it out on Brad (danny pudi), the source of said anger. The NFT scheme for quick money didn’t work, not because of him. Raquel (Ashley Burch) appears for a protein bar. Carol snaps, reminding Rachel that she is no longer an employee and that those are its bars.

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Carol walks away and decides to go to a cat cafe for a mental health day. That sounds like heaven. Rachel explains to Brad why the NFT failed and reveals what she thinks would work to gain the trust and devotion of the fanbase. Brad, usually put off by Rachel’s talkativeness, asks her to expand on this. Poppy appears in MQ to command testers to play Hera. The testers do as they are asked, albeit begrudgingly. I can’t believe they don’t know who the Poppy Li is. She single-handedly saved MQ (eating from the dumpster)!

David sits at his desk in the Mythic Quest offices looking shocked and places his hand on his chest.

MYTHIC QUEST — Season 3 Episode 4, “The Two Joes”. Photo: David Hornsby.

Later, David calls Jo on her “deal” phone while stuck in traffic. I still can’t believe he’s traveling to Mythic Quest, which is in Los Angeles, from Cerritos. He must spend a fortune on gasoline. Anyway, Joe Manganiello arrives at the restaurant early, so David urges Jo to worry the actor until he’s there. Jo is nervous; she hates Hollywood types. Since Jo is using her headset, David will tell her what to say. I can confidently say that no hijinks will unfold even though this is a tried and true (and funny) sitcom trope.

Meanwhile, Ian and Dana make a pit stop at a facility where history is being made. The latest state-of-the-art metaverse and virtual reality technology is being developed, and Ian plans to show it all off to Dana. They get a first class preview of the products.

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Next, we see David trying to talk to Jo through a conversation with Joe. He orders Jo to lie about her position on the film and call herself a producer. She also entertains Joe’s story ideas. The world of MQ as a black and white noir? Sounds like a shoo-in for Sundance. Brad and Rachel visit beleaguered Phil from the art department (derek waters). Brad asks Rachel to explain her idea of ​​raising more money for MQ. Phil looks like the epitome of defeat.

Joe Manganiello sits across from Jo while eating at a restaurant in Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode 4, "The Two Joes."

MYTHIC QUEST — Season 3 Episode 4, “The Two Joes”. Pictured: Joe Manganiello and Jessie Ennis.

However, all is not lost. Phil calls David’s “personal” phone to ask if he should follow the janitor’s orders. David demands that Phil hang up, as he is in the middle of his call with Jo. He’s trying to bag a meatloaf. Brad also picks up the phone to influence David in his direction. It’s the four-way call from hell as David tries to dish out answers to the right parties without any crossed wires. Unfortunately for Brittlesbee, the wires get crossed in a big way. Fortunately for us, he’s hysterical.

This moment is easily in the top five on mythical mission history. It is impeccably and perfectly executed. At one point in the conversation, Jo hears “Brad” and mistakenly informs Joe that Brad Pitt is a candidate for the film. Joe becomes increasingly frustrated with Jo’s inconsistent answers and wonders if she wants him for the movie. Brad interprets that he won with that conversation, so he orders Phil to make Rachel’s idea come true the next morning.

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Later, Ian and Dana emerge from their detour stop inspired and reinvigorated. dana has ideas. Ian also has ideas. Ian really feels that they are the same, so he asks her to take his car home. David finally arrives at the restaurant to find that Joe has already left. Jo confesses that she told Joe the truth about his plan. However, she followed up with a sad story about David from Yorba Linda mourning the loss of his beloved wife. Joe now wants to meet with David himself. They packed a meatloaf!

Rachel looks at Brad as he stands in the Mythic Quest offices.

MYTHIC QUEST — Season 3 Episode 4, “The Two Joes”. Pictured: Ashly Burch and Danny Pudi.

Next, Poppy asks the raters what they think about Hera after your game. From a technical point of view, it’s perfect. Unfortunately, it’s boring since everyone goes out. Poppy watches as the testers take off in the elevator after dropping that bomb.

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How do you think Ian will react to seeing the True Blood beefcake starring in the movie adaptation of the game he created? My guess is poor, but the possible outcomes are ripe for comedy gold. Go ahead.

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