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I want to explain why I didn’t have any items last week.

This old mule was mistreated by one of her sons. As I have said many times, I take the girls to the boat ramp every morning. In all the time I’ve been taking them I’ve never had a problem.

I was walking on a soft dirt bank next to the rocky ramp last Wednesday. She was holding Peaches’ leash, she’s a retriever, and five or so ducks that live on our ramp were pacing in front of us.

The ducks took off; Peaches left to bring them back. Not being ready he threw me on the stony path. I have bruises in places where you don’t need to bruise. We were feeding the girls. Susan yelled to hold her back. She had eaten her breakfast and was going to help Ginger eat hers. He was kneeling in the hallway and when Peaches started walking past. She made a move to stop her and the ham was in the smokehouse.

I mean he was suffering. She couldn’t walk. He couldn’t sit upright and using the computer was out of the question. It was Sunday before I could move walking like Chester in Gunsmoke. My ham still hurt but now that fall on the road made my other leg hurt. Thank God for pain pills and aspirin.

This Tuesday morning I was able to walk without much pain. I took the girls again this time and there were no ducks on the shore. Walking slow wasn’t bad. Back at the house, the girls behaved well. Leaving them with Susan, I hooked up and headed out to the lake.

I was the only boat on our ramp. When I came out, the lake was like a mirror and there was a good layer of clouds. My notes at home said that with this kind of weather and this time of year, I should go to the Rock Points and the shoals and the backs of the coves with crankbaits and soft plastics and shallow fish.

I did this for a while with no fishy smell. Leaving there I went to the lighthouse. As I got closer I saw birds working in the marina. Grinning, I turned off Tombstone and began idling backwards. At my first stop I got a nice largemouth at a YUM Breaking Shad right next to the bank. After a show of jumping I got him in the boat and released him.

I start to see fish breaking through the water, seagulls diving and a couple of Webb birds came flying in. I named them Webb birds because they have gray feathers, a long neck, long skinny legs, and they squawk a lot.

Long casting my 3/4 oz Headed Striper Rod with a 4 inch Chartreuse Mud Minnow. I started a slow recovery and was fishing. When I put it in I released it. Throwing fan could now catch a striper, being close enough to reach the splash would always get a hit. While most stripers were box sized fish, I had a big fish and lost it.

A guide boat had arrived and they were cleaning the fish. I was in a boathouse below them and got a three pound channel jack up into my boat where I could drop it. I was fishing an empty boat stand and got what I thought was a rock, as it was swimming like a flat rock can, while turning it.

It looked like a rock at first glance, except that it had four legs. I had gotten caught by a large turtle on the back of my left foot. I guess he was fishing too slow and stepped on my lure.

Returning to the place where the cleaning of the fish had been carried out in a long cast, I received a small tap. Catching nothing, I cast another cast almost where I had before, once again thinking a freight train had hit my hook. I set the hook and watched my brake slip and the line move.

When he recovered a bit, he would take off again. Once he went under something. She could get the big fish to face him, but he couldn’t get any closer.

Now here’s a tip when your fish gets hung up: try letting him take the line and go. Most of the time it will swim out of what is inside. If you don’t try this, you’ll probably break it anyway. That’s what I did to get that 15.4 pound striper into the boat and I tore my net trying to drag him over the rail.

This is the biggest striper I’ve caught in probably 20 plus years. It is the third largest I have caught on Texoma. My biggest striper came from under the dam, a 21.15lb, many years ago.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.

I have to give three schools in Grayson County a big helping hand. Gunter’s volleyball team won state last week. We have three teams in the Top 10 3A state soccer rankings. Good luck to Pottsboro, Bells and Gunter this Friday.

The Gunter Tigers play against the Palmer Bulldogs. I predict that the Gunter will win. Not knowing much about these Bulldogs, I see a 35-10 win. See you in Royse City. Bring rain suits just to be safe.

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