Every New Rock-Type Pokemon And Its Evolutions, Ranked

Every New Rock-Type Pokemon And Its Evolutions, Ranked

The long-awaited ninth generation of Pokemon has finally been released worldwide with Scarlet Pokemon Y Violetand as fans fight their way through the new region of Paldea after coming from Hisui’s past in Pokemon Legends ArceusThere’s certainly a lot to look forward to and experience, and this, of course, includes new Pokemon of all region-exclusive types.

Paldea’s Spanish roots and inspirations are home to a variety of lush environments filled with flora and fauna alike, so there are Pokémon of all types, including rock-types found in virtually every corner of Paldea.


7/7 Klawf

Klawf's entry in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex

Over the generations, the series has seen many crab-like Pokémon that make up a good portion of the Water-types, as well as populating the seas when surfing. Klawf is a bit different because, despite his crab form and mannerisms, he is a rock type that has very little to do with the ocean.

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Klawf is originally from the Paldea region, and while he’s not known to evolve, he doesn’t necessarily have to. Klawf has more than proven that it’s capable of being a one-form Pokemon as one of Paldea’s five Titans, and with moves like Guillotine and High Horsepower, it can take care of itself. To add to Klawf’s ability to be independent, he even has an exclusive ability known as Anger Shell, which activates once health is below 50%. Once this threshold is reached, Klawf’s attack, special attack, and speed are all increased, though he does sacrifice some of his special defense to achieve this.

6/7 nacli

Nacli's entry in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex

As an almost literal version of rock salt, further emphasized through the elements Na and Cl in its name representing the salt and chlorine, respectively, that make up rock salts, Nacli is a cute but fierce little rock. found early in the game, but its abilities and evolutions allow it to stand the test of time, acting as a formidable Pokémon throughout the game.

Nacli is a highly adaptable Pokémon found pretty much everywhere, even well beyond the expected locations of coastlines and deserts. As a Pokémon that abounds, it’s hard not to try Nacli before realizing just how useful and durable it can be, easily making it one of the Strongest Pokemon Found in the Wild early in the new adventure of a trainer in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

5/7 naclstack

Naclstack Pokédex entry in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

When Nacli evolves into Naclistack, one of the most impressive features it has, aside from going from a cute little rock to a tank-sized rock, is that it moves away from the traditional curvature of rock formations in favor of a more rounded shape. more cut, similar to a brick. . It’s easy to draw comparisons to Minecraft when trainers evolve into Nacli, but her skill set and viability are increased tenfold.

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Its greatest benefit is when it learns the move Salt Cure upon evolving, the signature move of both Naclstack and its final evolution, Garganacl. Salt Cure doesn’t necessarily deal a lot of damage at first, but it continues to sap the target’s health with each turn indefinitely, as well as doubling the damage each turn for Steel and Water types. Even in his second form, Naclstack is already a force to be reckoned with and can take a fair amount of whatever is thrown at him in Paldea.

4/7 garganac

The Garganacl pokedex entry in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

For trainers who build a bond with their Nacli and Naclstack long enough to reach level 38, they will find that their party of Pokémon joins the rock giant Garganacl. Garganacl greatly improves its already impressive second form, giving it a huge boost in defense and move types that diversify the battles it engages in.

Although he strays a bit away from being a pure square, the blocks still remain to some degree as his head is pyramid shaped, but this increases his weight to about ~530lbs/240kg. When he learns the move Heavy Slam at 44, an attack that increases his power based on the difference in weight between the attacker and the target, Garganacl can take out pretty much anything in his path. With TM, Garganacl can even get Steel, Psychic, Ice, Dark, Fire, and Electric-type moves, making it one of the most flexible Rock-types out there. Pokémon with one of the highest defense stats in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

3/7 flash

Glimmet's entry in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex

Over the past few generations, Rock-types have been given a flexible hybrid typing that can make them more resilient instead of being an easy target for Water-types. In the case of Glimmet, this Rock/Poison-type Pokémon has an extremely unique design, unlike Rock-types, which makes it stand out right away, although it can be hard to see when running through a cave, as it’s quite small.

Thanks to Glimmet’s Rock/Poison typing, it has a moveset as it levels up that can grant it moves that hit and stun in equal parts as the rock chip away health while the poison fragments between turns, even extending further to other members of the group. . However, it is quite difficult to level up at first, so some trainers may initially find it as a Disappointing new Pokémon in Generation IXalthough Glimmet is capable of a lot once it evolves, rewarding the work that trainers put into it.

2/7 glimmora

Glimmora Pokédex entry in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Glimmet can level up quite slowly, and given how fragile it is, it can be difficult to evolve at the head of a group without Exp. Candy, but for trainers who persist until level 35, Glimmet becomes the mineral Pokémon known as Glimmora. Glimmora’s biggest benefit, aside from being a Rock/Poison-type that can drop health while also taking hits thanks to high defense, is its unique move Mortal Spin, which only Glimmora can learn. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Death Twist is a Poison-type move that unsurprisingly poisons the target unbearably, but has the added benefit of getting out of restrictive situations caused by Bind, Wrap, and Leech Seed. Typically, Pokemon caught in these moves have to deal with the effect almost indefinitely, but Glimmora has the upper hand thanks to Mortal Spin, allowing it to safely break free of the shackles while dealing damage and poisoning the target.

1/7 iron thorns

The Iron Thorns Pokédex entry in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Iron Thorns is one of many Paradox Pokémon to be introduced in Generation IX taking the form of past and present versions of currently existing Pokémon, but standing alone as an entry in the Pokédex. Although Iron Thorns takes on the image of a Tyranitar, almost serving as a futuristic interpretation of it, it acts as an exotic combination of Rock and Electric, while Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark-type that has been around since Generation II. The dichotomy of the past and the future implemented in the games brings a whole new perspective to the Pokémon of yesteryear that would have been a perfect fit as well. pokemon to keep in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Many of the Paradox Pokémon found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet They’re usually not revealed until late in the game, so trainers will need to spend some time before encountering these special Mythical Pokémon from the ancient past in Scarlet Pokemon and far future in pokemon purple. Trainers will also find similarities in the way that the Paradox Pokémon are tied to Paldea as Ultra Beasts were to the Alola region in Sun and Moon, as both play important roles in the story, cannot reproduce, and have relationships with other legendary pokemon In the case of Iron Thorns, it has an absolutely vicious list of moves including Giga Impact, Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Wild Charge that are further complemented by a wide range of adaptable TMs that can be taught to Iron Thorns. making it one of the most terrifying Rock Pokémon of all Pokémon generations combined.

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