Cheers and Boos: Family Dysfunction Awareness Day

Cheers and Boos: Family Dysfunction Awareness Day

Cheers and Boos for Thanksgiving 2022

Note: As for the rest of the C&J release week, nothing formal tomorrow, although we will run a “Who Won the Week” poll, the best ever, in the papers around 7pm ET. Monday off. Tuesday back. Have a nice holiday and may your wishbone end be the longest, even if you have to concoct a plan so devious that it puts you on the radar of the House of Intelligence and/or the Judiciary Committee.

December 18 th!!!

Days until Christmas: 31

days until Lighting of the national menorah in CC: 24

Date lincolnThanksgiving Proclamation: 10/3/1863

Number of NFL games today: 3

Population of Turkey, Texas (hometown of Bob Wills): 326

percent of parade Readers who believe calories don’t exist on Thanksgiving: 69%

Number of Thanksgivings Eric Trump has had his head in a can of cranberry sauce: 8

Number of Americans intending to eat human brains for Thanksgiving dinner, up from 6,039 last year and rapidly spreading from Northwest to Southeast (keep an eye on your shortwave radios for updates and close your doors): 6,114

Your Molly Ivins moment from Thursday:

The Progress Report has laid out some fancy things to be thankful for, starting with US troops. It also lists:

  • Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pa., for showing that it’s patriotic to speak up.
  • The 90 senators who stood up to Cheney to say that torture is not an American value.
  • The 79 senators who demanded that the Bush administration outline a plan to Iraq.
  • That Senator Bill Frist is not our doctor.
molly ivins

Consider these additional treats: Tom Delay is under indictment, Heckuva Job Brownie is no longer on the public payroll, and for some inexplicable reason, the administration found a Republican prosecutor on the Plame case who seems to care more about law than politics. . […]

There is music in the poor bleeding New Orleans again, Ted Koppel and his hair looked a commendable 25 years, some terrific new movies were released, my pup hasn’t eaten a shoe in a whole month, and Mountain West is turning from red to purple. So let’s loosen all our belts and get right into the American tradition of overeating on Thanksgiving. It’s still a great country, even if it’s a bit strange. I am grateful for all my fellow citizens: how would we know it was America if we didn’t get regular news from the nincompoop faction? Happy turkey everyone.

thanksgiving 2005

Puppy Day Photo: Hold on, Buttercup…


And now my world famous annual

Things I’m Thankful For: 2022 Edition

Our republic, which was one more year without perishing from the earth

The Democrats who fought and won their 2022 races: A midterm election for the history books and the reason many households will be adding conservative tears to their gravy boats this year.

Grassroots Democrat voters and organizers, especially in the red states and doubly so, especially women of color.

Young voters—us [heart] your!!!

Campaign Volunteers, Carpoolers, and Polling Place Workers

Nancy Pelosi, undoubtedly in the pantheon of House speakers with the most positive consequences

New Democratic Senators John Fetterman of Pennsylvania and Peter Welch of Vermont

Those BLUE legislatures in Minnesota and Michigan… and the BLUE state House in Pennsylvania.

All Democrats in battleground states who won their election for Secretary of State.

The bipartisan House Select Committee on January 6, including Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, to investigate the Trump coup with efficiency and icy seriousness.

Maine‘s, for spending another year in Democratic control of the state House and Senate, and Democratic Governor Janet Mills for DEVASTATING MAGA Candidate Paul “Mini Trump” LePage to Travel for Reelection

Doctors, nurses and hospital administrative workers.

Dr. Fauci and NIH and CDC now fully functional

Vaccines and the mad scientists behind them

First responders and aid organizers who did everything they could in the aftermath of this year’s hurricanes, floods, and wildfires.


All the natives of North America

Rena Kawasaki of Japan, winner of Desmond Tutu’s International Children’s Peace Award 2022

Nobel and Pulitzer winners

Employers who give their employees gifts for Thanksgiving

Employees who don’t have the day off so they can keep vital services running while the rest of us do.



Wind turbines and solar panels


Biden’s cabinet, the most capable, diverse, motivated and scandal-free I can remember

Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, SNL and the return of Jon Stewart, for continuing the renaissance of late-night political humor.

Freedom of the press

Free speech, fuck Trump, fuck Elon Musk, fuck Kanye West

the Diverse list of 84 Senate-confirmed Biden federal judges, with many more to come

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

The #5 thing on the internet charts that actually SHOCK me

Ukraine humiliates the terrorist nation Russia

Ta-Nehisi Coates, Joy Reid, Bishop William Barber, Al Sharpton, Charlie Pierce, Charles Blow, John Nichols, Howard Dean, EJ Dionne, Eugene Robinson, David K. Johnston, Paul Krugman, Elie Mystal

Marc Elias in Democracy Recordfor winning so many court cases against MAGA lawyers trying to steal the election

the kagro in the morning radio show

Naomi Klein, Marcy Wheeler, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Daniel Dale, David Corn, Lawrence O’Donnell, Nicolle Wallace

Atrios, Digby, Charles M. Blow, Americablog, John Cole, Joe Jervis, Michelangelo Signorile, Dan Savage, Leonard Pitts, Lizz Winstead

Media Matters, The Hispanic Federation, The Southern Poverty Law Center, PFAW, PFLAG,, RAICES, March for Our Lives, Indivisible, Black Lives Matter, Run For Something, Planned Parenthood, NAACP, IAVA, ACLU and many other organizations of defense that prevent the worst abuses of the MAGA cult, often in coordination with each other

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Barack and Michelle Obama

Joe and Jill Biden

My partner, Michael, for growing old with me.

All my bosses (if you’re reading this, you’re one of them) on Daily Kos

The covers and the diaries here, for explaining things I know nothing about, especially Kos and Mark Sumner for their detailed updates from Ukraine that have become nationally respected.

My Front Page Morning Blogger Neighbors: The Abridged Roundup of Experts, Morning Cartoonists, and Morning Elections

The rest of the progressive blogosphere, for having the wisdom to follow every order issued by “Keyboard Kingpin” Markos “Mouse Tits” Moulitsas a… la… carte

Netroots Nation and its organizers, for hosting another great convention in Pittsburgh

Those unbelievably optimistic good news summaries

Dirty fucking hippies. We must breed more of them.

my puppy my paw

My chipmunks: Teddy, Gladys, Mama, Ivy, Pierre, Splooter, Pee-wee, Lookachu, Clefty, Chumley… and the babies of 2022 Taz, Ellie and secret agent 003.





teriyaki sauce

mayochup I did say mayochup!

taco tuesday

Excedrin Migraine. Next to the epidural, God’s gift for pain relief.


candy corn

snow snow snow


Electric cars

High-speed train




The resistance

Mainethe proximity of safe haven Canada (just in case)

Peace. (Yes, it’s a word. Really. I looked it up.)

That magical moment every day at 6am when the Bacardi 151 crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Microwave ovens, which are great for reheating food that gets cold because some idiot on a blog spent three hours listing all the things he was grateful for.

my excellent memory

And say it with me…


Stay safe. Staying healthy. Pass the potatoes with sauce.

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