Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT First Impressions – Shooty Shooty Bang Bang?

Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT First Impressions – Shooty Shooty Bang Bang?

Black Rock Shooter Fragment it has been confirmed for a global release sometime in spring 2023, but the Japanese version was released on November 24, 2022 in the meantime. Surely drawing on some huke nostalgia bait, how does mobile gaming expand the universe of some banger designs?

After struggling with a bug that kept me from getting past the title screen (some fixes apparently required changing the system language for some reason), I had a jerky input from a frozen game and it stopped loading before I could finally give it a go. to the game.


The opening of TeddyLoid ft. Tallis is absolutely great, with some snazzy visuals, and should certainly drag some people screaming into the Voca/KagePro void. I like it:

As for the game itself, it has the proper sci-fi trappings, with mostly static 2D art for the characters and weapons. In combat, the characters become chibis, fighting against cybernetic monsters. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, but I’ll also realize that some people would expect more production value (OST aside) with the backing of the Good Smile Company.

The main story is voiceless.


As elegant as the visuals are, the core gameplay loop doesn’t interest me much. It is a real-time strategy game, in which you move units around a given map to defeat enemies as they appear. Each unit has its respective range, with sniper-types lagging behind while melee-types form a wall and/or charge forward. Upon completing a mission, two characters on your team can joke around to gain some characterization.

As you progress through the stages, there is no doubt that there will be increasingly beefy enemies and more spawn points and enemies that will pounce to devour your party of five, with a sixth in support. At 1x speed it’s glacial, and 3x doesn’t feel much better. There’s an auto mode, so I pretty much let my units run to spawn the camp until I presumably hit a brick wall. I know there are classes and probably a weakness table, but I’m not quite sure where that information is. After enough abilities, there is a team-wide kill ability, which I think uses the team leader’s.

Each character can equip up to 3 pieces of equipment, each with their respective effects. They, and their team, can break the cap, though I can’t say how many duplicates it takes to fully unlock them. Character skill levels can also be leveled up individually. One thing I found interesting was the ability to ‘fuse’ an ability from another weapon to fit into another, something I can’t do at early level due to lack of resources. There is an expedition system to get more resources, where units will return after several hours with rewards.

The VIP system seems to be getting more and more ‘popular’ in these games, and I’m not sure if I really like that trend. For BRS FRAGMENT, things like auto repeat (“loop mode”) are locked behind the VIP Pass. Aside from the extra freebies for login bonuses, I’m not particularly excited about staying longer.


Last but not least, we have the gacha. It takes 1500 coins to make a 10 pull, with a 5% rate for 5 star items. There is a catch, as getting a 5 star character has a rate of 1%. A flintlock is offered at 200 pulls, with a separate group for weapons. Removing the character pool will still give you weapons, as there don’t seem to be any non-5 star gacha characters. On the other hand, I don’t know Japanese.

There’s no built-in replay system, and the 10-roll tutorial has no rigged results. You can get up to 5 characters out of 5 stars, from what I’ve seen.

Black Rock Shooter Fragment it’s a pretty mediocre game for me. There may be more exciting modes to play later in the game, but if the initial presentation doesn’t quite engage, I’m not sure how many would be willing to stick around. The technical problems I faced did not help.

With the game planned for a global release, you might try it again at that time with more literacy. Until then, I’ll repeat Reactivation while I wait.

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