4 timeless games to play online

4 timeless games to play online

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Video games may be a relatively new form of entertainment, but gaming is as old as time immemorial. the most ancient historical board games date back millennia. While Egyptian Senet has long gone out of fashion, other classics like the Game of Goose or chess have stood the test of time. Fast forward to 21st century and the digital revolution has rejuvenated some timeless games to cater to all demographics and generations. If you’re not a big gamer, you might be more comfortable giving a classic board game a virtual try than delving into the fast-paced open world of an RPG. Therefore, we have put together a list of four timeless games to enjoy online.

chinese dominoes

Originally from China, this strategy game is played with a set of 144 tiles representing Chinese symbols and characters. Players draw and discard tiles until they can complete their hand, with the goal of getting 14 tiles in four combinations and an eye (or pair). Historians believe that the first Mahjong game appeared during the Qing Dynasty. This game of luck and strategy was later introduced to the Western world in the 19th century.the century, where both its similarity to rummy and its quintessential Chinese design may have helped propel it to the top. Mahjong is now more popular than ever online thanks to gaming platforms offering dozens of variations to try, including Mahjong solitaire. This Chinese classic has also conquered the casual game genre with free puzzle games like Mahjong Trails.


Backgammon may well be the most infamous board game of all time, and perhaps one of the best board games, period. The first official recorded game of backgammon dates back to 17the-century England. But the ancestors of this classic game of dice and chips come from ancient Mesopotamia and Persia, some 5,000 years ago. The oldest two-player board game in the world, the Sumerian Royal Game of Ur may have definitely paved the way for what would become the modern day backgammon that players around the world know and love. This game of luck and skill is still in vogue throughout the Middle East, being considered a national pastime in countries like Egypt and Turkey. And even if you’ve never played this timeless game, various online websites provide handy tips and guidelines for learning the rules. Tutorials for beginners are also plentiful on dedicated YouTube channels, so check them out before you dive into online backgammon.


French for “little wheel,” roulette may not be quite as French as its name implies. Although the first official game of roulette was devised in 18theXIX century France, its creators could have been inspired by an Italian game of chance called Biribi. Still, rolling the dice took off in France. And before long, roulette would become a style in all the Paris casinos of the late 1790s. The game spread rapidly throughout Europe and reached the US, where it would evolve into so-called American style roulette. Centuries later, roulette continues to draw crowds in every land-based casino around the world. But players can also continue to play in countries where gambling venues are few and far between, like India. Therefore, players can Play online roulette in India with just a few clicks. The best platforms include different game variants, from French to American roulette. The real-time games with live dealers even evoke the atmosphere of a real casino. And a variety of bonuses, such as welcome packages and cash back offers, await newbies and experienced players alike.


Next up is another casino staple, and signature James Bond casino game to boot. But it was not always like this. While historians are still in conflict about the origins of this classic card game, baccarat may have deeper roots than previously believed. A very popular hobby among 19the19th century French nobility, baccarat may have come from Italy in the 15ththe century, courtesy of French soldiers returning from the Italian wars. Some sources claim that the game was invented in the 1400s by Felix Falguiere, who coined the name “baccara” as zero in Italian. However, the house-banked version of this board game would only take shape after its introduction to the United States through the Caribbean. From the glitzy Vegas Stripe to the online platforms, baccarat is now a staple at most casinos. If you feel like venturing into the world of RPGs, entries like Fallout: New Vegas and GTA V also feature playable baccarat mini-games.

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