‘Now we’ll take our time’: The Rock could delay Black Adam sequel after disappointing box office run, apparently focusing on better story to reset his pecking order

‘Now we’ll take our time’: The Rock could delay Black Adam sequel after disappointing box office run, apparently focusing on better story to reset his pecking order

Dwayne Johnson claimed that the hierarchy of power in the DC universe would change. And despite popular belief, he still thinks he’s changed a bit. But he admits that black adam it did not do well at the box office. In his latest video, Johnson thanked all the fans for making black adam 1 on iTunes when the film went digital just a month after its theatrical release. But he also stated that he won’t be rushing to make a sequel. He’ll take a bit of time to figure out part 2, build the JSA, and prepare for his battle with Superman.

Black Adam’s box office flop

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

black adam has failed to break even at the box office. The movie has only earned $368 million in total and $158 million on the domestic front. It’s yet to open in Japan, but even a $400 million total won’t be extremely impressive. This project had a production budget of $200 million and spent around $100 million on marketing. So, considering the cut of the theater chains that is around 40-50%, black adam he had to go beyond $600 million to turn a profit. That hasn’t happened, so the franchise’s future isn’t as secure as The Rock would have wanted it to be.

But as you can see in the video above, Johnson still thinks that black adam it changed the hierarchy of powers in multiple ways. He introduced Adam as the unstoppable force on Earth. It introduced several powerful DC characters under the banner of the JSA. He fought hard and brought Henry Cavill back as Superman. But most importantly, The Rock has finally addressed the new leadership at DC Studios, namely James Gunn and Peter Safran. This was the first time he did that. So, that’s a plus for all the fans out there hoping for a black adam continuation.

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the future of black adam

black adam vs superman

If you focus on the last part of Johnson’s video, he confirmed that Teth Adam still has a future alongside Superman and the JSA. But part 2 won’t happen anytime soon. Still, it’s a good thing The Rock didn’t deny anything about the future. He was still positive and said:

โ€œNow we will take our time. Now we will build the Black Adam brand and we will build the JSA.โ€

The positivity and reference to James Gunn’s leadership are good to see here. But for a sequel to happen, there will have to be some major improvements.

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Black Adam Spinoff Movie Watchmen Style Justice Society
Black Adam and JSA

First, Johnson will have to engage with James Gunn and his leadership. Second, the history of black adam 2 it will have to be better. The writing for the first movie was totally average. The movie had a lot of video game level dialogue. And one of the main problems was that black adam it lacked originality. It was a really compelling movie in terms of its CGI. But other than that, there were plenty of instances in the movie that were almost exactly similar to previous superhero movies. Except for a couple of items, almost everything we saw in black adam It’s been done before, and that too in a better way.

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So, the originality in the scenes and a better story is what is needed to black adam 2. And that’s probably what Johnson meant when he said he’s going to take a little time to build the Black Adam brand going forward.

black adam It is currently playing in theaters around the world.

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