5 roles played the actor

5 roles played the actor

dwayne johnson, popularly known as The Rock, despite having strong roots in professional wrestling, has become over time one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He has made films in a variety of genres, with action and adventure being the most dominant in his filmography.

His most recent film, black adam, was released in theaters on October 22, 2022, and received rather negative reviews. The movie is now streaming on first video after it premiered on the platform on November 22, 2022.

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Also starring Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge and Sarah Shahi in major roles, the film follows Black Adam, who was imprisoned thousands of years ago for using his all-powerful powers for revenge. Now free, he is opposed by the Justice Society, whom he has to fight to continue using his powers.

With the recent launch of black adam on Prime Video, here are five of The Rock’s most powerful roles amid the variety of characters he’s played.

The Rock’s Five Best Movie Roles So Far

1) Like Maui from moana

Maui from Moana (Image via The Hollywood Reporter)
Maui from Moana (Image via The Hollywood Reporter)

One of the most unexpected films in The Rock’s filmography, moana is probably his best. The actor lent his voice to one of the most beloved and popular Disney characters, Maui. As part of her role, she also sang the song. No problem, which also became very popular like most of the songs in Disney movies.

moana follows the titular young daughter of an island chief, who sets out on a journey to restore the heart of a goddess (representative of nature), when the habitat in the forest begins to be devoured by foreign agents.

The Rock plays Maui, a demigod who accompanies Moana through the ups and downs of her journey. He is one of the most likable characters in the movie and makes the most mundane scenes extremely lively with his impeccable sense of humor.

Dwayne Johnson’s performance in moana It earned him much praise and remains one of his most memorable performances.

2) As Ray in San Andreas

The Rock in San Andreas (Image via HBO Max)
The Rock in San Andreas (Image via HBO Max)

The 2015 disaster movie stars The Rock as a rescue helicopter pilot who joins forces with his wife to protect their daughter after a high-intensity earthquake strikes. The couple tries to rescue their son before another earthquake strikes.

San Andreas it was not well appreciated by critics. However, it became a huge commercial success due to the pacing of the film and the role of Dwayne Johnson. The film has the actor in his comfort zone of playing an intense character caught in a sensible situation, which requires him to bring some weight to the role and exciting action sequences.

The film’s graphics also make it one of the actor’s most visually exciting films. The film also stars Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario in major roles.

3) As Mathayus in the mummy returns

The Mummy Returns (Image via Entertainment Weekly)
The Mummy Returns (Image via Entertainment Weekly)

Any list of The Rock’s film appearances must have the mummy returns as it is his first appearance in a movie and it made him very popular, due to the existing popularity of the franchise. It is a sequel to the 1999 film. The Mummy and stars brendan fraserRachel Weisz and John Hannah in the lead roles.

dwayne johnson in the mummy returns He plays the role of a greedy Scorpion King who wishes to conquer the world. The role of him is quite antagonistic and The Rock’s build, for which he is widely famous, made him well suited for the powerful role.

Weather the mummy returns proved to be a commercial success, it was not highly praised by critics. It continued to be viewed as a shallower film compared to the first film in the franchise which gained many fans.

4) As Dr. Xander “Smolder” Bravestone in Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Image via IMDB)
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Image via IMDB)

Another movie that is part of a very famous film franchise, Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle, has The Rock playing the role of an experienced and confident archaeologist. He is once again in his action-adventure comfort zone with an added element of fantasy and fiction.

Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle it is among the most critically received films on this list and was also a huge commercial success. It was considered a highly entertaining film with some convincing performances, despite weak writing.

The film also stars kevin hartJack Black, Karen Gillen and Alex Wolff in other important roles alongside The Rock.

5) Like Luke Hobbs in Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious (Image via Digital Spy)
Fast and Furious (Image via Digital Spy)

Starting since five fastthe Rock has appeared in five Fast and Furious movies so far. Considering his prominence in the franchise, it would be unfair to discuss Dwayne Johnson’s roles in Hollywood without mentioning not only one of the most successful films in the actor’s career, but one of the most popular franchises in Hollywood.

the Fast and Furious The series probably defines everything The Rock is comfortable doing on screen. The movies are action-packed and fast-paced as the genre demands they be.

the Fast and Furious The movies are also one of the main reasons why Dwayne Johnson is so popular among fans of the action genre.

Capture black adam streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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