10 of the funniest scenes in Michael Bay movies

10 of the funniest scenes in Michael Bay movies

Love it or hate it, sometimes you want to see things explode on the screen. In the rise of visual effects in the late 1990s and early 2000s, many directors stepped in to take advantage of trailers and make their movies as bombastic and outrageous as possible. No one did as well michael bay.

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While he’s best known for his over-the-top displays of destruction and violence, the ability of Bay’s films to elicit full-blown laughter has long been dormant. It may be because Bay’s action is so overwhelming, but the comedy that slipped through the action is underrated and deserves a nod.


‘Transformers’ (2007) — The interrogation

transformers interrogation with bottle and handkerchief

Police interrogations are generally supposed to be anything but fun. But when Sam Witwicky (played by the achieved shia labeouf) is detained for questioning after his Transformer comes to life and wreaks havoc in an abandoned factory yard, the result is a hilarious caricature of police interrogation.

The officer who interrogates Sam seems to have seen too many cop movies and is sleeping hard with the gray-haired cop. After mistaking Mojo (Sam’s dog) for a brand of street drugs and accusing Sam of “staring his piece,” Sam returns the officer’s uncanny intensity to his face, asking in a whisper, “Are you drugged?”. The scene is a “you’re doing too much” visual, and Labeouf’s aloof performance makes it even funnier.

‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ (2009) — The Carnage

transformers two john turturro in butcher suit

After the events of the first film shut down Sector 7, Sam Witwicky and company head to a butcher shop to meet up with an old friend, Juan Turturroby Seymour Simmons.

Seeing Simmons in butcher’s uniform after his fall from grace and arguing with his mom is pretty funny. The scene is raised by The always forceful performance of Turturro, his manic and annoying behavior, and his exchange with an angry toothless butcher’s assistant whose dream is to buy a new set of teeth that he saw in a SkyMall catalog. The entire scene is hectic, chaotic, and hilarious.

‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ (2011) — Stomping on a car

shia labeouf transformers kicking his car

Like Sam and Carly (Rosie Huntington Whiteley) quits her job, tensions run high as Sam feels a bit jealous and threatened by how handsome and flirtatious her boss, Gould (patrick dempsey), it is. Sam’s short fuse blows completely when his car won’t start.

Sam’s remedy for the situation is to repeatedly kick the front of his car in quick succession like a metal bongo. What makes the scene funnier is the quick cut from the pent-up anger in the car to the rhythmic slamming of the door outside. The scene was turned into a meme, turned into a gif, green-screened, and now lives in internet infamy.

‘The Rock’ (1996) – The hairdresser in the elevator

the scared rock barber in an elevator crying

The movie is full of Nicolas Cage in one of his more eccentric performances, yelling lines that should be whispered and freaking out when a mild reaction is appropriate. Pit anyone against calm and serenity Sean Conneryand they will always look edgy in comparison.

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In the middle of getting a haircut, John Patrick Mason (Connery) throws an FBI agent off a balcony and desperately escapes to the elevator. Huddled in the corner of the elevator is the hairdresser, who pleads with teary eyes to Mason that he just wants to know if he liked his haircut. The exchange is surrounded by intense music and the threat of violence, making the hairdresser’s emotional concerns even more hysterical.

‘Armageddon’ (1998) — Test scene

Steve Buscemi being analyzed in Armageddon

The world is coming to an end when an asteroid hurtles towards Earth. That is unless a bunch of tough-necked oil drillers can drill right down to the center of the rock of mass destruction and detonate a nuke. The concept itself is laughable, and the group of men going into the task is pretty interesting too.

During their psychological and physical evaluation for space fitness, the group lets their colors shine. The entire montage is pure comedy: from the nurse singing the national anthem while undergoing a colonoscopy, to Bear (michael clarke duncan) dancing on her bed in a leopard Speedo, to Rockhound (played by the ever captivating Steve Buscemi) seeing naked women in all the Rorschach inkblots. It’s a perfect introduction to all the characters and a lot of fun.

‘Bad Boys II’ (2003) — The daughter’s boyfriend

the bad boys two martin lawrence and will smill confront reggie

Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) is more than just a policeman. He is a father. A very protective father at that. When he’s not busting drug syndicates, he and his partner, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith), takes particular pleasure in putting the fear of God into the groom-to-be of Marcus’s daughter.

The poor suitor arrives at the door with a nice button-down hairstyle and pleasant demeanor, but is met with a militant Marcus and an intense line of questioning. Mike stumbles upon the tactic of pretending to be drunk, waving a gun, and spouting very transparent swearing and threats at the terrified boy. The act, while probably effective, scares the boy and gives the audience a deep laugh.

‘Bad Boys II’ — Accidental Ecstasy

bad boys two martin lawrence accidentally takes ecstasy

You’re not supposed to use your own supply, but after a drug bust, Marcus accidentally swallows ecstasy just before meeting with his boss to discuss the case. The result is an absolutely disastrous late-night interrogation.

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The drugs hit Marcus right on the boss’s doorstep, and it all goes downhill from there. As Mike tries to convince his boss of the case, Marcus wanders around the house feeling for objects, belligerently congratulating a fish and drinking from a vase. The juxtaposition of the scene between Marcus’s ridiculous behavior and the very explicit/sobering evidence that Mike presents makes it one of the funniest and most memorable scenes in the film.

‘Bad Boys’ – The Tire Store

bad boys will smith and martin lawrence will interrogate michael imperioli

When Marcus and Mike’s investigation leads them to Jojo (Miguel Imperioli), an informant who works at a tire shop, the pair opt to play a game of “mad cop, madder cop” when he doesn’t give them the information they seek.

When Mike puts a gun to Jojo’s head, Marcus assumes the role of the panicked partner and runs out into the hallway in anguish, begging Jojo to give them the information they want. Marcus’ hilarious Fake Concern is soundtracked to the informant’s confession and includes a line about how much brain fragments stink when they get on their clothes and the line, almost sung, “say something to him, Jo!” Smith’s intense and dramatic performance mixed with Lawrence’s irreverent mix perfectly into one hilarious moment.

‘The Island’ (2005) – Bar scene

ewan macgregor and scarlett johansson in the island in a bar

Sheltered characters entering the real world is a trope that often lends itself to comedy. When Lincoln Six Echo (ewan mcgregor) and Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson) break free from the island, their first encounters with real people are just as awkward and hilarious as expected.

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The two arrive at a dive bar seeking help from a contact, and their ignorance of real-world nomenclature and idioms results in some priceless moments. When the bartender tells Lincoln that the man they’re looking for is “shitting in the can,” Lincoln leaves distraught, as if his contact is in trouble, gravely informing Jordan, “I’ve got to go; he is shitting in a can”. The scene is beautifully capped off by Jordan staring at the ceiling after the bartender asks if he wants his drink “straight” from him.

‘Pain & Gain’ (2013) — Neighborhood Watch

pain and gain scene from neighborhood watch with mark wahlberg and dwayne johnson

When three gym-bros with a penchant for violence and aspirations for wealth kidnap and extort a man, their harebrained plan unsurprisingly goes awry.

The three go on a neighborhood watch to blend in with the neighborhood of the man whose life they stole from him. the scene depends dwayne johnsonThe impressive acting skills of like Paul Doyle, like Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) tries to act professional and honest, and all Paul can do is interject meaningless and unrelated phrases like “bad guys are everywhere” and “I’ve been to prison and it sucks.” The presentation is a disaster, fueled by Paul’s few remaining brain cells and drugs inhaled behind a bulletin board.

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