Coco Chanel, the successful entrepreneur


na Mathilde Seifert

Malraux predicted “of the XXwould be century in France, three names remain: de Gaulle, Picasso and Chanel”. Gabrielle Chasnel marked French history. It would be like discounting his work to think of him as a fashion designer. Freeing women and their ideas, Coco Chanel established herself over the years as a successful business. The Camélia blanc brand is part of French culture and beauty. A true symbol of beauty, Chanel is also able to convey strong messages.

To understand his hard work, we need to go back to his beginnings. His future is not yet settled. Gabrielle Chasnel did not start her life in the best way. After his mother’s death and his father’s departure, he found himself building a name for himself. It was from this difficult and difficult period that he drew his refined and neutral character. From a young age, she learned to sew. However, the young woman dreams of glory. She wants the future more than girls her age. He started shooting music before he arrived in Paris. It was during those shows that the public first called her “Coco”. He leaves this life for the Capital where he wants to make a career in music. A real hard worker, he was able to seize the right opportunities and surround himself with the right people to achieve his goals. Fearful and excited, she stood out from the other women of the time. Once in Paris, he started making amazing hats compared to what was available at the time. A young woman has a desire. He doesn’t just make a character, because “It doesn’t go away, but it never does” said Gabrielle Chasnel. So he decided to create his own style. It was in 1910 that he created a clothing store called “Chanel Modes” thanks to the money given by his lover. An independent woman, he will honor the one who does not owe him.

Made in France ahead of time

After the opening of two stores in the west of France, Deauville and then Biarritz, the First World War began. This is the perfect time to move Coco. Time for extra clothes. The men to be removed,”The women are slowly freeing themselves from their wardrobes”, writes Catherine de Montalembert on Coco Chanel, an icon. It takes the side of simplicity and efficiency, but that’s cool. He shortened the clothes and took off the most important things. It was he who invented the marinières, originally intended for sailors. He combines masculine codes with feminine clothes. Its main selling point was based on “made in France”, which was important at that time. Culture, innovation and fashion have been combined. Coco Chanel always let the mystery hang over the relationships she had with her companies even if it was powerful and important, as stated in the book by Megan Hess “Coco Chanel, the iconic world of fashion”. “Coco managed the best courses and was assigned to the first courses responsible for creating designs for haute couture clients. The details were completed by the “little hands” of the factory”, explains Megan Hess. In order to always guarantee an impeccable look, Gabrielle Chasnel chose her colleagues in the closing ceremony among the best actors.

Gabrielle Chasnel is no stranger to women’s ability to dress as they please today. Chanel became a large factory employing over 300 people. Faced with tragic events such as the death of her lover Boy Capel, she takes refuge in work. He later said “Capel lost everything to him”. Coco, to forget his sadness, will fight a strong fight that will lead him to the height of his success. He expanded his business by focusing on the city of Paris. In the 1930s, he lived in five houses on the famous rue Cambon.


Working against the tide

Gabrielle Chasnel doesn’t stop at making clothes. His will is limitless. She owns her own clothing factory and is the first fashion designer to launch her own perfumes. With the help of his perfumer, he created a series of fragrances among them the emblematic Chanel n°5. Rather than forget, he joins the Wertheimers. In addition, he decided to open a jewelry factory to improve his skills as well as other jobs. In 1935, nearly 4,000 workers worked for it and 28,000 models came out of its workshops every year. During the Second World War the building was closed. He will devote himself to his perfume business during the years of his stay. He decided to go into exile in Switzerland after the war. Then he reopened his house after the Wertheimers insisted. As usual, against the weather. Known for the corsets and plunging necklines of Christian Dior, he created the tweed suit and the 2.55 bag, often copied later. His works were used by the most famous stars of the time, such as Romy Schneider and Marilyn Monroe. They are also offered by loyal women like Simone Weil. Coco Chanel is a true symbol of success, known all over the world. A hundred years ago, such commercial success was unthinkable for a woman and Gabrielle Chasnel did it. He created a kingdom that would last for years.

What you should remember:

  • Don’t set limits
  • Surround yourself with the best
  • Make it your own
  • Seize opportunities as they arise

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