Régis Botta, author of books, colors and light

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The space, like all shopping malls, is bathed in soft light that filters through the glass, making the shadows of the passers-by dance in the mirrors and the views of their silhouettes in the bronze of the windows. This atmosphere of another century, sandwiched between the first and the second Empire, is what Régis Botta wanted to revive to produce a contemporary interpretation, in time like wealth, eclectic and art. Copper, deep tones – blue and green -, python-style bronze skin and everywhere, the light used to create space. Here differences create harmony. Far from opposing, they reveal their deep nature. It is not a decoration, it is an atmosphere that surrounds us. Books, objects, sounds surround you and transport you to another world. DPLG designer Régis Botta thinks of books.

“I don’t work in a factory but inside. I repeat the sounds of the room to create atmospheres” describes this young man with a bright appearance, which makes everyone happy.

Régis Botta has a certain nuance. The taste for precision, for those details that we don’t see and forget on the pages. For that, they do different things. Also, Régis Botta does not like colors, old things. He loves sounds. For him, this dark blue is a sky, not a color.

On the first floor of 19 Véro-Didat, the ceiling, walls and floor seem to be part of a continuous continuum. Shadows connect the walls to the ceiling, outlined by lines of light. Here, he favors a “reinvented 19th century eclecticism”. A link between the history of that place and the present. Without doing anything. “I like simple things, with small things, to play with sounds, colors, light”. He has no fads, no fads. “When I see a place, the project really goes”. The project includes some powerful characters, which help him tell a story. Here, it is copper, glass, light. And this silver glass, which Régis Botta says brings “a touch of acidity, like a pastry”.

Public spaces, private spaces

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Régis Botta, author of books, colors and light

Futuristic 19th century atmosphere in Véro-Dodat, the Laurier, a Greek restaurant on the Champs-Elysées, two Parisian residences.Photo credit – UP for men

If he always works in the offices designated with letters – H, G, A… – the author admits a preference for places that are intended to welcome the public, – because, more his intention there is to create a universe with marked edges – and that is. restaurant, because he likes the way restaurateurs think – “Chefs are very good, it’s a world I like” -. “There is no good project without a good customer,” he said. “I’m lucky, I only have good customers”. With a smile, he admitted it was a choice. And the results of these collaborations prove him right, if we judge by the first and best Laurier restaurant, in Mavrommatis. In a travertine setting, beautiful laurel branches recall the organza and silk produced by the house of Lemarié (working for Chanel) in Greek mythology, the nymph Daphne is transformed into a tree to escape from the idea of ​​an Apollo. We are far from history and sirtaki.

To follow his ideas, Régis Botta designs everything, from lighting to furniture. He knows his admiration for Pierre Paulin or Gio Ponti – “I like this madness” – and he wants to allow himself the freedom to go to the end of the design of these places where light works (he works with Ozone) and tools to make decisions. responsibility. “The competition is made-to-measure,” he explained again. He worked for a long time with the handicrafts he knew. In Véro-Dodat, all the furniture is handmade, including the brass plates. His next challenge? The hotel business, a world he had never approached before and dreamed of trying his hand at.

to summarize

It is in one of these delicious and creative galleries that are covered in the heart of Paris that we have an opportunity with the writer and designer Régis Botta. Opened between the rue du Bouloi and the rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, this forgotten path in another century will immediately take us to the Paris of Balzac, for a light conversation and a conversation with someone design of the space, on the first floor of a small restaurant and a tea room. he concluded, the Véro-Dodat, whose air is precious and related to the memory of an Orient-Express train… launched in a motionless race between two periods.

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