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For Christmas, what better gift than the unforgettable experience of making your own craft with a tool?

With 4000 programs and hundreds of information-how to? See all over France, Wecandoo workshops the Real gifts and friends? (to make) give.

WHO? time or not? Are the French worried about their purchasing power for the second half of 2022, as Christmas approaches? the main steps, including the constant question “What do I have to offer?” My cousins? “. What if this year, we decided to like it Rich gift, by restoring the truth? and love? at the heart of our daily lives ? In this way, the Wecandoo workshops the gift to? put it under the tree this year.

The work of Wecandoo e work the meeting between the public and French producers. Wecandoo really thinks entertainment programs that allow the public to see the information of their choice for a few hours : making cheese, designing your own perfume, distilling alcohol, making knives, making your terrarium or aperitif table, etc. All factories are built inserted into the hand tool let everyone do their own thing and? its costs and leave with the end of the factory.

Immerse yourself in the amazing world of a creator who shares his passion

Offering a Wecandoo workshop accept the? lovers to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of a craftsmanto share his desire for an afternoon to discover ways of doing things.

Instead of giving a bag a? hand to? Christmas, why not give it a chance? Do you do it yourself with a leather craft? When choosing colors, materials, finishes, does the student go along? by a creative person who willingly and educationally shares the secrets of his knowledge. Was it an unforgettable moment? is everyone invited? got it? rediscover the joy of working with your own hands :

Thank you so much Pascaline for this wonderful post! I love my beautiful leather bag, smells great and looks great! I learned a lot from you today and I can’t believe I could have done something so beautiful. Thanks again and good luck. »

Marianne C., who participated in the workshop ” Make your own leather wallet » hosted by Pascaline, tanner in Nantes

Wecandoo: the creator of content, the creator of immersive platforms

By creating Wecandoo in 2017, Edouard Eyglunent wanted to give a real time of delivery and creation, while supporting an area that is sometimes neglected. for the record, manual work.

By allowing the public to enter the workshop for a few hours, are we creating a unique moment of sharing or not? The information and the people who do it are visible. Customers are filled with the pleasure of making something with their hands, and they leave with pride. The truth? of this meeting and communication? is placed at the heart of our mission. »

More than just an online dating site, Wecandoo is many people on the street every day to see the products and the knowledge of our places.. On the basis of the selection criteria, the companies ensure that each manufacturer will work together and try each of the 4,000 workshops offered to the public.

To the community? wecandoo, nearly 2,000 manufacturers open their doors to the public to see their expertise. Every month, 1 million euros are turned over? experts through these meetings. Instead of disrupting businesses that are sometimes forgotten and misunderstood, does Wecandoo allow creators to earn more money to support their work? Done.

A gift to create social connections to rediscover content that makes people proud? from France

Together with Guillaume, distiller at? Marseille, make a surfboard with Benoît, shaper a? Bordeaux or imitate your silk thief with Guillemette, feltmaker a? Lyon… Wecandoo is committed to sharing information that allows you to find out more about our location!

Eating less, but the better the customer knows when they share this working time with an employer. : choice of materials, time work, difficulty? The do-it-yourself style is the best way to capture the daily life of a craftsman and understand the value of a handmade piece.

Offer a Wecandoo workshop on? It’s Christmas finish the gifts and? life expectancyto provide a real and honest shared experience, that is to offer a suitable gift.

Making a seat with a cabinet maker, experiencing pet care or blowing a glass service with a glass blower, is just an experience of the 4000 courses are offered throughout the year, and? live with one of the 1800 artisans, all over France. Guaranteed for everyone, from 7 to ? 77 years old, to be able to access the best knowledge of French knowledge.

Can these courses be given in the form of a gift card (valid for 2 years), by choosing a special course in advance or by leaving the choice of work? got it? implementation.

Registration at

Wecandoo in a few numbers:

  • 1800 experts in France and Belgium
  • 3870 factory created by Wecandoo to allow the public to meet artisans
  • International: deployment of Wecandoo and? Brussels and Antwerp from February 2022
  • 80% of the items are handmade had never done any workshops before discovering Wecandoo
  • Every montht 1 million euros converted? to Wecandoo tools
  • 250,000 customers got it? created or maintained? a Wecandoo factory

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