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STORY OF ABRAHAM AGREEMENT. The year 2021 marks a new beginning for fashion diplomacy. In January, the Italian designer Miuccia Prada confirmed the cultural relationship between Europe and America by presenting amazing models at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. The presence of Prada on the stage is a symbol of the continuation of the cultural relationship between the EU and the United States, which is based on the iconic dresses of the First Ladies.

February was greatly enhanced with a promotional campaign event. After the signing of the Abraham Accords by Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in September 2020, an Israeli model appeared on the cover of an Arab newspaper and an Emirati model appeared in an Israeli press for the first time!

The cover of Laisha magazine. Model: Chanel Ayan. ADAM BROWNING HILL

Here’s a quick look behind the scenes of this unique event.

Yael Shelbia, one of Israel’s most famous models, is now on the cover of the February issue of Independent Arabia, Dubai’s leading real estate agents. She was photographed by Israeli photographer Yossi Michaeli wearing a blue and white blouse printed by MICU, a Jerusalem-based brand co-founded by Israeli designers Michal Stern and Inbar Ben Shabbat. Now, LAISHA, Israel’s leading photo magazine since 1947, has dedicated its back cover to a special project photographed by Adam Browning-Hill and featuring the supermodel based in Dubai is Chanel Ayan, known as the first noir supermodel leading a tour of the Gulf.

kind of
Emirati model Chanel Ayan. ADAM BROWNING HILL

When Anna la Germaine founded her business Labor Policy in 2011, it was the kind of opportunity he felt. When news of the awaited peace accords arrived online, he began calling his business contacts. It took months of negotiations to implement this bold vision, because it was necessary to establish common processes between the development organizations that were separated by the political ban on cooperation.

Israeli model Yael Shelbia. YOSSI MICHAELI

The cover of Independent Arabia It was filmed at the famous Peninsula Hotel in New York, home of the United Nations. “Clothes and politics cannot be separated and the successful combination of the two creates the basis for commercial success resulting in successful businesses. With these beautiful covers, we want to celebrating new opportunities between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel,” said Anna la Germaine.


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