DSM-Firmenich, a group with the smell of absorption

Firmenich prepared for his record of his life. In the most important sense. The main thing that happened to the State Fabienne Fischer, who manages the Economy in the canton of Geneva, could only fall from the clouds on Tuesday morning when he saw his meeting with the Dutch DSM in the studios of the RTS.

To seal his fate, the famous perfumer chose, it seems, a husband who appreciates staying out of the spotlight as much as he does. The two pledges – the operation must have the approval of the competition authorities of their countries – so it is easy to agree not to reveal the amount of the trade, preferring to demand the amount of “food , fragrance and beauty” they. to give birth.

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The owner of the family group that bears his name, Patrick Firmenich expressed the idea of ​​​​joining. Not from a sale. In the world of perfumes, nuance is essential. However, the eye of simplicity can be shocked when reading the words of the company. The family will own 34.5% of the shares of the newborn in the future, against the 65.5% of its Batavian partner who controls the board and the current directors will manage the new company. A German-language media did not hesitate to refer to the DSM “ale” to Firmenich.

Infinite loss

Why this sale? Continue to compete in a “competitive” format? Perhaps. Not having a designated country may have weighed heavily on the rest. It undermines the freedom of many companies, at a time when baby boomers are passing the buck.

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For now, the team leader is silent on this topic. But more than its real reasons, it is the result for the economic center of Geneva that is important. And now, it is clear that it is difficult to extrapolate them. Between the fiery promises of the early days and the reality dictated by investors, there is a depth that is well known to any observer of economic life.

Geneva is well placed to find out, ten years after the trauma caused by Merck. After paying a high price to get their hands on Serono, the German company left the site, leaving hundreds of workers on the floor.

No one said it would be the same for Firmenich, which will always have a small share. However, he is not the one who dictates the operational and strategic choices that will ensure the survival of the new company. And only time will tell if he has chosen his new life partner well.

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