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Like many of their smaller counterparts, Azzaro fragrances are known for being stylish and authentic. Timeless and original, these perfumes (often) know how to pass the years without aging, like the one first released in 1978, aptly named Azzaro pour Homme. More than 40 years later, it is still one of the best men’s fragrances in the world.

From Chrome to favorite, the house of Azzaro still shows today that it is easy in all countries, its perfumes are among the most loved ones at the moment.

Azzaro is for men

Credit where credit is due: Azzaro pour Homme was the first men’s fragrance launched by the brand in 1978. It’s more than just a perfume. , it’s business!

It must be said that Azzaro pulled out all the stops to make his work unique. It seems to have more than 300 ingredients in its formula. What we find is a combination of notes of bergamot and lemon, supported by lavender and artemisia. At the base, a woody neroli and a musky accord reinforce the seductive power of this timeless eau de toilette.

Working day 1978
Olfactory family fern
Olfactory subfamily perfume
High notes Lavender, Lemon, Basil
emotional message Bergamot, Cardamom
Background stories Oak Moss, Vetiver, Neroli, Musk

Azzaro Chrome

Best Azzaro Perfume for Men - Azzaro Chrome

With its soft, fresh and wooden magic, familiar to many outdoors, Chrome conquered the whole world when it was released in 1996. .

Its freshness lasts long on the skin and provides endless comfort and renewed pleasure to the wearer. The bottle is refreshing and seductive, with this compact piece, simple and elegant with its chrome herringbone cap.

The star fragrance of Azzaro has been given many versions (Legend, Intense, United, Aqua…), but the original will always have a special place!

Working day 1996
Olfactory family fruit
Olfactory subfamily spices
High notes Sweet citrus fruits and transparent musks
emotional message Callon, Ginger
Background stories true friend

Azzaro is wanted

Best Azzaro Perfumes for Men - Azzaro Loved

It only takes a few months to become one of the most popular and best selling eau de toilette! Launched in 2016, this fragrance quickly established itself among the best sellers thanks to its masculine appeal..

At the height of the bottle, this time, with this barrel of a revolver, the person wearing this perfume will become the most desired (hence the name of the perfume). The water gives the pride of a lemon, immediately mixed with garlic, the aroma, before the tonka bean brings a more pleasant place. From there it was only one step to turn Azzaro Wanted into a weapon of mass seduction.

Working day 2016
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily fern
High notes Lemon, Ginger
emotional message Cardamom, Lavender
Background stories Vetiver, Tonka Bean

Azzaro is the favorite

The best Azzaro perfumes for men - Azzaro is the favorite

Given the success of Wanted, Azzaro has given new interpretations in recent years, including Azzaro Wanted by Night and therefore Azzaro The Most Wanted.

“The most important thing”, It seems to make all the difference for a perfume that wants to be more intense and sensual.. “Bold, magnetic and incredibly charismatic”, according to the verbatim of the brand. In short, it can’t be avoided. And it’s true that this latest version, with its triptych made of cardamom, caramels and amber woods, has never been seen before.

Memorable in more ways than one (if not easily), this eau de parfum rediscovers the original scent.

Working day 2021
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily amber
High notes Card
emotional message Caramel
Background stories Amber Tree

Azzaro Now

The best Azzaro fragrances for men - Azzaro Now Men

We finish this selection with a fragrance that is not available, but we really like it, in more ways than one (like Bright Visit, for that matter): Azzaro Now.

In contrast, this eau de toilette shines with its amazing notes (frosted metal, rose oxide, tea, white leather, lichen, etc.) as its bottle suggests.

For this “living” scent, Azzaro has thought of the concept of “ice metal” in order to give rise to its various forms, among nitrogen, flowers and ice vapour. In short, almost the new “extra-terrestrial”!

Working day 2007
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily spices
High notes Frosted Metal, Cardamom, Rose Oxide
emotional message Tea, Violet, Green Leaf, Driftwood
Background stories White Leather, Lichen, Woody Note, Amber Note

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