37th Gemini Awards | District 31 Armed Robbery

Sorry? District 31 didn’t win the Gémeaux award for best soap opera on Sunday? And this is the slow – but accurate – series. we The successful Club illico, a work that separated Quebecor before ending the traditional waves of TVA?

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This is true military robbery, no pretense. Yes I know we, a pseudonym given in Videotron’s Club illico. Good, but not as much District 31Luc Dionne’s spectacular show attracted 1.8 million subscribers until the city’s hottest venue closed.

Obviously, the members of the Academy burned the worst, which clouded their feelings. District 31 This puzzle is perfect for its love-filled parts filled with twists and turns.

In the evening, the author Luc Dionne was rewarded for the quality of the texts of his detective series. And what makes an interesting story on TV? A cleverly crafted example.

Created by veterans Anne Boyer and Michel d’Astous, we tells the fate of five young 23-year-olds, who train shoulders in a former industrial building in the district of Saint-Henri. The idea left by Dominick Parenteau-Lebeuf deals with esotericism and the supernatural in a well-decorated work by Yannick Savard, Gemini winner for his beautiful images.

More interesting? we only 12 for one hour. How did this show compete in the long-running series category as District 31 a All life ? Technically, we Part of the short term series on the That’s how I love you. The Academy appears to be changing its rules to comply wethe final 12 episodes will land on Club illico later this fall.

Speaking of strange, three words: Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge. The army of Cover songs He invited himself on stage – his performance was not planned to last more than three minutes – to deliver confusing and divided messages about the regional elections and the importance of general voting… for the Academy. The big pain.

What did he want to criticize? And why destroy a mistress like that? Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge did not respond to my request for an interview on Sunday evening.

In his never-ending quest to correct records, the head of TVA also sent a crack at the leadership of Everyone is talking, a newly emerged valve, from the left field. “Louis Morissette is not crying in his office. That’s Guy A. Lepage being humble. It’s the responsibility of the composer, “said Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge in front of a yellow laughing room. Shame on him.

With a duration of more than 2 h 20 min, this 37would be The Gemini Awards Gala is tied with other occasions, let’s face it. As did Jean-Philippe Wauthier who replaced Gildor Roy at short notice. The new army of Towerand ex-Commander Chiasson, left Gemini on Saturday, I was told.

Lived and burned, Véronique Cloutier, the queen of repartee, was never seen. Although he shines brighter when he leaves his text.

The Quebec TV party started with a wonderful vignette in which Véronique Cloutier appeared hip he threatened to destroy the last ones by creating a “scandalissimo” on the floor of the Place des Arts. A video full of good vibes, rhythmic and funny.

Alas!, in front of the crowning heads of the TV, this number “not good” was destroyed in a hurry. procedure.

Vero, however, agreed to shoot sweet flowers at the members of the UDA, but he was not spared, he chose his signature cheesy choreography, which did not work. And almost 15 minutes for the introduction is too long.

Another thought was to start the evening with an award to crown those who did not attend, namely Patrick Huard, the winner of Tower of VAT. The mood in the room will not rise with a pre-recorded video.

On the other hand, it’s a good idea to put the selected items on the side of a screen, right on the stage. This made it possible to breathe a beautiful song into the gala.

Another beautiful flash: the sequence of little skin, where Véronique Cloutier asked the children of the chosen characters in the game section. Beautiful as anything.

Apart from the defeat of District 31the victory of Guy Jodoin, ofThe warningswho spun before Roy Dupuis of All life and Emile Proulx-Cloutier of opportunities, made a big surprise. I admit, I’m not a big fanThe warningsdespite the improvements made between the two seasons.

In a hurry, thank you That’s how I love you a Audrey is backtwo great series, and my apologies for doubting the terrible Sandrine Bisson by predicting the victory, in the dramatic series, to Marilyn Castonguay, our favorite Huguette Delisle.

The CA of the dispute ofOD

One candidate (Marc-Olivier) was criticized for “reading books”, the worst, the best “turnoff” to break the “vibe” in Do double duty. Jay Du Temple’s hair has changed and been cut more than the number of close-ups – in slow motion – on cans of Bulles de nuit.

And a board of four bachelors was chosen to set the sails of this great catamaran of love sponsored by Couche-Tard. To my delight, OD vows like the satin dresses of the eight girls who chose their seven knights, on Sunday evening, on the waves of Noovo.

In 90 minutes tightly edited and directed by a very competent host, in every sense of the word, the red ofOD open the edge of many twists and can dabbled in poetry, yes, yes, when Marc-Olivier, 26, oddly decided to give his only bed in the cubic villa in Martinique. “I know this is the end of my journey ODbut the journey of our lives continues”, whispered Marc-Olivier, the Fred Pellerin of Saint-Bruno, a few minutes before one of his friends thought: “whatever comes , fat”. smart”.

And according to 23-year-old model Florence Belzile again, it is a form of mantra i OD, “me, my personality, that’s the vibe”. the vibes or the vibes, the shape changes according to the parameters. But the important thing is that the child does not come to pick up this taboo vibes, sir When the producer spotted the high saddles (the giggles have been removed, thankfully) Mégane, 26, who knew Jimy is the father of little Liam, 4, she said on Twitter : son owns the childthat is.

So, our great country singer Jimy was released because of his father, but he was able to recover thanks to the divine help of the FatherOD, the main innovation of this flat edition. Made up of four people, this AC works as a Greek song and quotes about work, just like we do in our living room. Isaack could be a star Vampire Stories ! Bartender Olivier is like my grandfather’s Wish concept!

Then Félix, 24, a chemical engineer, is called “the man with the sharp ears” by Ally, the double troublemaker.

If you’re familiar with the face of Ally, the 22-year-old baker, it’s because she’s in the script. The office of Club illico in 2019. Ally documented her transition process and then took her old name.

The work of the CAOD It is not clearly defined and indeed the right of action to change the articles of association.

Pearl necklaces for men, RW & CO become the new Ernest, girls give each other “my friend” between them, men call each other “big” all the time (inflated), I think we will go this fall. , Canada vibes in the opinion, say (insert the name of a competitor ofOD Martinique).

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