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Gabrielle Chanel began to see herself as a fashion designer in 1913-1914. He stood out by changing women’s clothes or promoting the trend for short hair. In the early 1920s, he asked the famous nose Ernest Beaux to create “a woman’s perfume with a woman’s perfume”. He gives her some samples numbered from 1 to 5 and from 20 to 24. Coco chooses number 5. This perfume is made up of eighty ingredients, including an aldehyde, a synthetic compound with the smell of orange.

“N°5” by Chanel, the first perfume, the first winner

This is new for now. When asked the question: “What name do you give?”, the designer answered: “I start my collection on May 5, the fifth month of the year. The number 5 bring him luck.” That’s how it was born “N°5”The perfume that has long been the best seller in France, is today one of the most popular around the world.
In 1922, Ernest Beaux and Coco Chanel launched a new perfume: “N°22”. This is one of the examples presented to the designer last year. Then, in 1924, Gabrielle Chanel gave the fragrance branch of her house to Pierre Wertheimer, owner of Bourjois. This creates “Les Parfums Chanel”. The operator then holds 10% of the shares. The production of new perfumes followed one another, signed by Ernest Beaux: “Gardénia” in 1925, “Bois des îles” in 1926, “Cuir de Russie” in 1927 … Then , because of the war and the closure of the sewing industry, it was discontinued for many years.

The revival of Chanel perfumes

In the early 1950s, Henri Robert succeeded Ernest Beaux. In 1995, he created Chanel’s first men’s eau de toilette: “Pour Monsieur”. In the 1970s it came out “Not 19”, remember the birthday of Coco Chanel, born August 19, 1883. In 1974, he created the “Cristalle” eau de toilette. In 1978, Jacques Polge took the history of the Chanel house with his works. In 1984, he honored Gabrielle Chanel with “coconut”The first perfume was created after the death of the designer in 1971. Then he created “Égoïste” in 1987, “Égoïste Platinium” in 1993, “Allure” in 1996, “Allure Homme” in 1999. .. In 2000, Jacques Polge continued to work with “Miss Coco”, released in 2001, is a perfume that is marked by modernity, and whose bottle recalls “N°5”. The next year, “Chance” showed up with his round bottle. In 2010, he created a perfume for men, then “Coco Noir”, a perfume with a baroque spirit, always and always inspired by the designer Gabrielle Chanel.

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