What is the most popular perfume in the world?

Surprised to find out that Chanel’s Number 5 perfume didn’t become a top 1 perfume. It offers a niche fragrance that is not widely recognized. Check out this market.

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It was a surprising situation

In fact, a new study conducted by the British website Heydiscount is set to summarize the research and traffic generated by some online perfumers. Comparing the number of comments on TikTok, hashtags on Instagram or the number of Google searches made by all the perfumes on the market. And there, surprisingly, the Chanel 5, which we chose as a favorite with our eyes closed, appears to be in 3rd place in this ranking. With -only- 2.6 million Google searches and 30 million videos devoted to TikTok, it was destroyed by a smell that we really know: smell. Baccarat Red 540 of the Francis Kurkdjian House. A niche perfume, but it still has about 6 million page views through Google and no less than 110 million books dedicated to TikTok… This other person should be followed carefully oh male perfumer. Bad peopleby Dior, then Chanel 5 followed by Miss Dior and from a stranger. Aventus of Creed. An amazing show, many perfumers like Dior and Chanel show their success in the perfume market, we think it is impossible to win.

What does this tell us?

Above all, this lesson teaches us that the house of Dior stands as the most beloved in the world when it comes to perfume. In fact, two of its star perfumes appear in the Top 5 and above all, it is very rare, a man’s water comes to destroy the stars of a woman’s perfume. If this situation was changed by the recent engagement of Johnny Depp, this perfume is rising to the peak of popularity. Angel by Thierry Mugler or Salimara by Guerlain (flying in the 7th position) to maintain beauty and eternal success, although it was developed a long time ago: the first was born more than thirty years ago and the second one was released a while ago.

What do we know about the winner?

Obviously, everyone wants to know what makes this Baccarat Rouge 540 different… So we contacted Pablo Perez from the niche perfumer Smells from another place in Brussels, who will give us his opinion about this unique water and its unsustainable rise. “I will not explain this result, but we really know that it is very popular with our customers. The overdose of almond, which gives a very sweet side. But we know, the whole world in sugar (he laughs). Aventus of Creed, for example, I think it’s in position 5 because it’s a perfume by many footballers, and few famous rappers… Like this, today, the things all you need is an Instagram post or an important influencer to get it. a brand or product from around the world.”

baccarat-rouge-540-parfum-extract (2)

This perfume, we say, is a niche perfume, you have to pay 310 € for a bottle, unless you want to build your own identity by finding the perfume that suits your skin and not what everyone in the world is tearing up. .

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