Songs from the Renault 2022 “ElectriCity” ad

of the Renault 2022 commercial music because his campaign is called “ElectriCity”. Court Typeo David Bowie. In this video, the brand promises to move the production of its electric cars in 2025. Renault like conquering a country, that’s why this song is chosen.

Video of the Renault “ElectriCity” 2022 ad

For those who don’t know the Renault ElectriCity ad, never mind ! We offer you a thank you session in the video below:

“This is the global control of Major Tom

You made the grade

And the papers want to see what shirts you wear

But it’s time to lead the capsule if you dare » Lyrics of the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie

What is the name of the song in the Renault 2022 “ElectriCity” advertisement?

As we said above, the Renault commercial music It is called “ElectriCity”. Court Type. David Bowie He coined the title in December 1968, after watching Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, a film that greatly admired him. We will also look at the little winks of the Renault advertising in the movie (like the design of the Mégane).

“In England it was always considered written for landing in the sky [d’Apollo 11], because he started at the same time. But that is not the case. It was written because I saw the 2001 movie [‘2001, l’Odyssée de l’espace’ de Kubrick]It’s amazing to me. […] I went to see those times and it was a great revelation for me. The picture inspired this song. » – About David Bowie – Music – 2003

Space Oddity: the Apollo 11 odyssey before the Renault

The account group of David Bowie wanted the song to be released as a single in July 1969. Why today? Because NASA announced that man will walk on the moon at that time. Bingo! The BBC asked Bowie for permission to use his music on television during the broadcast of the event. It’s a decision Court Typeand its author at the same time, in the eyes of the whole world.

Space Oddity: a misunderstood song

It is the BBC’s intention to vote Court Type kind of surprised David Bowie. In fact, the song tells the story of Major Tom, who is sent into space and who communicates with the launch pad. At first, everything goes well, then a technical problem occurs. He decided to move to his death in his bicycle, and the relationship with the teacher was cut off. In short, it’s enough to cool a television maker to use Court Type to support an international space mission. Although somewhere Renault advertising. And yet…

“It was used by British television as the background music for the landing [d’Apollo 11]. I know they haven’t listened to all the music (laughs). It is not a pleasant thing to combine words with the landing of the moon. Honestly, I’m happy with what they do. Indeed, a BBC executive might have said, ‘Well, for landing, that air song, Major Tom, blah blah blah, that’s great. inform the employer. » – About David Bowie – Music – 2003

David Bowie’s Live Space Oddity (1969)

To summarize…

Renault use music Court Type o David Bowie to his ElectricCity Announcement.

The music of the Renault 2022 campaign for its ElectriCity campaign is it Court Typeo David Bowie.


  • Before the single release, David Bowie play the first version of Court Type in a small promotional film, “Love You Till Tuesday”:
  • There are many versions of this song, including a French adaptation, Un Homme A Disparu Dans Le Ciel, performed in 1971 by Gérard Palaprat:
  • In one of his songs, Ashes To Ashes, David Bowie He dedicates himself to the continuation of Major Tom’s actions: he reunites with Earth by saying that he is very happy to live in space. What people think about the country in medicine:
  • Elton John will be sued for his copyright Court Typewhile his song Rocket Man uses the same theme and he surrounds himself with the same producer, Gus Dudgeon.
  • David Bowie hesitated for a long time before allowing the BBC to use it Court Type when Apollo 11 was launched. He was afraid that something would go wrong, but his music was always associated with a general disaster …
  • After the death of David Bowie, Court Type He found his way back to the list by reaching the first place in the Top 100 singles in France.
  • In 2014, Chris Hadfield recorded his own style, after spending time on the International Space Station, with photographs in space. This new version has reached 30 million views on Youtube, still guaranteeing a place of Court Type in the poem:
Song from the Renault 2022 campaign (ElectriCity)

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