Six scents to brighten the fall air

The reinterpretation of the legend Terre d’Hermès and the L’Interdit by Givenchy, the new women created by Dior for 20 years, the 5th anniversary of Thameen, a beautiful niche London brand that produces oud as one: the new. smells good wherever they come from!

Autumn is here and of course, we want to cocoon, recreate a bubble of intimacy. We invite you with pleasant fragrances that like us or surprise us. Here are the brands, eau de parfum and new waters that are now known and can go with the season with beauty and comfort and everything that comes with it, because when to bring a spice, it is difficult to do without. open new olfactory universes.

Discover Thameen: a London niche and luxury brand, bridge between East and West

Quality, luxury and a bridge between the opulence of the East and the refinement of the West: the ultra-luxurious London niche brand Thameen is the “luxury” and we immediately understand to the teacher. What we love: the beautiful and unique accessories, the beautiful sapphire blue bottles and the fact that the entire range is unisex.

On the water side, Thameen launched its collection 5 years ago with an irresistible first fragrance based around taif rose, the favorite perfume of the brand’s father. Pure, perfectly balanced, soft and strong at the same time. At least, the surrounding noses always produce something rich to bring it down: ambergris, saffron, oud, … The latter gives Carved Oud, based on the oud of southern India. It is simply divine with the scent of leather softened by a very light patchouli, inspired by vetiver and enhanced by a warm and rich musk. Our favorite of all!

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For this fall, Thameen has worked around the concept of the crown for its fifth year at the same time presenting three bottles inspired, and that is the original, of the pieces of art of things glory of the British Crown. the Staff discover myrrh and ambergris and become a new admirer of coriander, Tiara A more feminine side, it is built as a heart note around rose and saffron andImperial crown Somali frankincense has its essence. The Sovereign collection comes in a beautiful box and you can smell all the wealth of the East. A killer experience for a hot fall!

>> Thameen, The Sovereign Collection, €270 for a 50 ml bottle. Other perfumes, around 160 €. Find out at Senteurs d’Ailleurs – place Stéphanie, 1A – 1000 Brussels

Fill yourself with the great energy and Vetiver of the new Terre d’Hermès according to Christine Nagel

Six scents to brighten the fall air
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Land of hermes by Jean-Claude Ellena is a story, a virtue, an image of perfume, one of the pure perfumes that mark Hermès in its beauty, its beauty, its universality. Christine Nagel, the new creator of Hermès perfumes since 2016, has overcome her awe and fear of touch. Earth and take him to Terra Incognita! This fall, it’s here Terre d’Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver. A water for men that is appreciated by many women, because this fragrance brings brightness and beauty assurance. Christine Nagel works like a watchman, she says: she watches the Earth carefully “understand its exact mechanics before removing everything, item by item, before reassembling, moving some parts, revealing others“.

It’s nice to say and even better to execute, so Ellena is full of it, admitting that she doesn’t think about going that way but really wants this way to be somewhere else. Earth !

We explain this little big puzzle organized by Christine Nagel: vetiver, created in the Earth from its roots, is placed in front, it shows itself here, it is round and warm and comes directly from smell the way it smells. The black pepper becomes Sichuan pepper, a green with citrus notes that invigorate and bind the other elements. Bergamot is harvested before raising the water, change. Results: Earth it is the mineral wood it has become The earthy water is Vetiver herbal medicine. And that changes everything…without us ever forgetting Earth. Life energy is here and we need it for the dark days!

>>Terre d’Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver. 100ml, €108 and 50ml, €80

Revisiting Givenchy’s most famous perfume line, L’Interdit

Six scents to brighten the fall air
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It is very old from the year 1950. At that time, Hubert de Givenchy was fully alive in his romantic relationship with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, the embodiment of his ideal of beauty and beauty. He made a perfume for her, just for her. In 1957, however, he brought up the idea of ​​mass advertising, the producer responded strongly with “But I forbid you!“Others are very well known: the perfume has enjoyed great success, like its aldehydes, which increase the sharpness of the floral notes and increase their presence and spread high, then with all the powder you need to carry easily.

In 2018, Classification reinventing itself, boldly but also more independent and firm. This fall, it presents a white and bright flower, combining orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose, contrasted with dark notes, with smoky tones and roots, vetiver and patchouli, Yin and Yang are black and white, the difference we carry. in us every day this perfume! The mystery of Rooney Mara, the face of this poison that perfectly fits this pair …

>> L’Interdit by Givenchy, Eau de Parfum, 50 ml, approx. 78 €

Enjoy the joy of Joy de Dior

Six scents to brighten the fall air
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And take yourself for the noble Jennifer Lawrence who is the face of this new perfume with a grace and lightness that we envy … Happily, the new perfume from Dior is awaited for He was 20 years old at the time, in 1999 I like which amused the whole world. This year, François Demachy, Dior’s perfumer, played with floral, sandalwood and citrus notes. His words are a beautiful promise: “The birth of a new Dior fragrance is an event. For all the house like me. He should meet, enjoy women and men. He has a large and generous personality, a strong signature. I was lucky to know his name from the beginning. And what a name! It’s short, lively but not serious. Unlock the possibilities. To tell, I chose to create a path that surrounds, marked by softness and strength. Joy de Dior is a breath, a path we follow and bring to you.”

As for the dress, we like to say that it is modern when sitting, covering but shiny and flying like a feather. We do it right away….

>> Joy by Dior, Eau de Parfum: 30ml, €72.70 – Dior – 50ml – €102.43

Fall for Acqua di Parma, almost “comics” in a special edition

Six scents to brighten the fall air
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If there’s one perfume we’ll always love, all the time, it’s Acqua di Parma Colonia, the racy cologne with timeless elegance. If you refuse it … you can find the special edition of the signature perfume of this beautiful Italian house! We will have all the scents but in a new bottle! Artist Clym Evernden gave Acqua di Parma its Colonia bottle and its iconic orange envelope. This eclectic player in innovation, humor and talent has become a favorite of many lovers over the years.

Italy is one of my favorite places. I see in perfumes the style and image of the brand, all the lights and the atmosphere of the countries I love. Acqua di Parma is above all beauty, cleansing, an image that I have seen recently. It’s interesting to see the commonalities between my work and the visual codes of the brand, which has a strong and highly visible identity”, he explained.

His watercolor ink line and drawing, his use of color, his expressive scenes that he draws with instant speed: everything is simple but smart, light but polished. The result is delicious and looks great in the living room and elsewhere!

>> Acqua di Parma Colonia x Clym Evernden, from October 15 in stores.

Jo Malone’s Chypre Honeysuckle is included

Six scents to brighten the fall air
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Anne Flipo, the Master Perfumer who worked for Jo Malone on a mission to distill honey. How do we do it? Here is his response:The idea is to capture the exact aroma of honey, thanks to the “headspace” we captured in the Cotswolds. We’ve added an unexpected note to this British flower with davana, moss and patchouli, making it the ultimate chypre fragrance.“. In this bottle we also find English rose and davana, an aromatic and fruity herb. It gives a fragrance like the warmth of the sun, fresh and happy. Get the Beautiful day past the dark season.with Oud and Bergamot, divine!

>> Honeysuckle and Davana by Jo Malone, Cologne 30ml, €54 – 100ml, €109 – Home Candle 200g, €51

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