Talia Zoref says that she has been interested in fashion since she was young, “always drawing on the table”, since she was a child. He attended George Brown University in Toronto, then the Shenkar College of Design in Tel Aviv.

At first, she thought she would become a fashion designer, but what he was most interested in was the combination of nature and art.

She started drawing and started a fashion blog in 2013 as a hobby, never thought it could become a business.
For the whole year, he posted his photos but nothing happened.

On a whim, he decided to attend Tel Aviv Fashion Week in early 2014.
He doesn’t have an invitation but that doesn’t stop him.

“I went to the guard at the door and told him I was a fashion blogger and he said, ‘ Yes, you can enter”“, Zoref recalled.

Inside, he began to meet people and talk to them;
he uploads and publishes his cartoons
on other people’s blogs with more followers.