six defendants sentenced Vesoul to pay a symbolic euro

The start was a search by the Haute-Saône forces at the home of a woman living in Saint Sauveur. Look for a completely different reason, but the police found three bottles of perfume that turned out to be fake.

In this case, the protagonists soon find out that these bottles are sold at a low price, and none of them try to hide it. Therefore, researchers easily succeed in searching the small web.

A simple treasure hunt for gendarmes

This ex-wife admitted to having three 33 ml perfume bottles of high quality perfume. His friend left these scents. Couples no longer live apart. When the police approached the friend, the latter admitted that he had destroyed about twenty bottles. These bottles bearing the image of big brands, he bought them for 7 euros each, he plans to sell them again for 15 euros., but he didn’t have time. When his ex-girlfriend warned him about the police visit, he ended it.

I can’t buy perfume

Another woman, also from Saint-Sauveur, a resident of the couple, had some bottles of perfume in her home. He does not own the business, but gives it to his daughter and for his own work. “I can’t buy perfume” he explained.

A business in the eyes of everyone on Facebook

So the troops are going up in the small part because of a phone number given to them by a “customer”, and also thanks to a Facebook page. Marketplace, the social network platform for buying things between people, is the show of this couple who lives near Faucogney. While searching their home, the police found them 1,882 fake perfume bottles from major brands nice.

Wholesale in the Paris area

This couple does not hide their small business and admits that in the moment of truth, they do not know the importance of work. The president of the court then explained to them the maximum penalties available:

  • 3 years in prison for selling fake products
  • 3 years in prison for possession of counterfeit products
  • 5 years in prison for concealing fake products

The couple explained that they had received an offer to buy unscented items from Dubai at a low price. The couple already thought about Duty Free. But the purchase at 4 euros of a bottle that sells for 50 to 60 euros in stores cannot be a tax-free sale.

The couple asked and found that these same bottles could be sold, in front of everyone, in Noisy-le-Sec or Porte de Clignancourt on the road. So the man sells in the Paris area and the woman manages the sale on Facebook. A Paypal account can earn money. The couple estimates that the income received at the time was 10 to 15,000 euros.

“Putting Butter in Spinach” describe men who are worthless to themselves. He didn’t work, he made it himself and sold unbranded clothes in the markets: “This is the one who can raise children, to sell. ”

Fake perfume bottles sold for 2 euros in Paris, resold for 4 euros. The seller of 4 euros will buy them back for 7 euros. The person who sells them for 7 euros intends to sell them for 15 euros…

The most valuable tokens are more than 100,000 euros

Christian Dior, LVMH, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Escada, Calvin Klein, Guerlain, Most of the perfumers are suing for damages and interest, for monetary damages and for lost profits.

Parisian lawyers did not make the trip to defend their clients, then the president of the court read a long “litany” of what these signs are asking for,​​​​ application sent by e-mail.

Eligible requirements

In front of the amount of money demanded by the civil parties from these people who were charged with low and no work. The suit does not seek compensationnot to take the risk of pushing people down the social ladder to disaster. The prosecution only seeks suspended prison that these people know that if they do it again, they will go to prison.

The lawyers of the accused objected the amount of money requested by the civil parties, and asked the court to dismiss these claims because there is no financial loss for major brands. If these people buy these fake perfumes at low prices, because no one can sell them in perfumes at the high prices charged, so there is no loss for big brands. .

It’s a reasonable decision

The court imposes fixed prison sentences. Each defendant must pay 1 euro token for each large tokenand 100 euros for their legal fees.

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