Emanuele Balestra, bartender and writer of culinary delights

As a child, he first went behind the bar to serve the customers of the bistro that his grandparents ran near Lake Maggiore, in Italy. An idea of ​​the service and the counter running in his youth, and gave him from the age of 14 the desire to be a bartender. After a journey that will entertain you, take him from Belgium to Australia, passing through the United States, Scotland and Polynesia, he discovers the richness of plants among plants. growing around the mythical hotel La Mamounia, in Moloko: “The plants around me can provide a vent, full of sweat and sweetness, to the recipes of the ancestors, in order to feed my scents with the aromas of fruits, flowers, medicinal or savory.“.

If he ends up meeting the bar of the Hotel Majestic, in Cannes, it will not be for the climate nor for the golds of the Croisette, but to be very close to Grasse, “a unique ecosystem in the world“. Thai basil, dorisiana sage, hibiscus, rose geranium, lemon balm and other Roman chamomiles are made in its works in the form of jelly, bitters, infusion, sweet water, spherical ice cubes, fragrant honeys, always with this desire to bring to the Eternal music that other spirit that makes them like great wine.

The alchemy of spices

Today at the head of an excellent vegetable garden and a true laboratory, he develops the best flavors to enhance the taste of his cocktails. “I found a technique that allows me to clean my vegetables and my citrus fruits. I can add different spices, bergamot, lavender, artemisia…“. The composition of the perfume is similar to that of a cocktail, and it is sprinkled gently on the hand during service. The hand that has been cleaned with the glass and the mouth are immediately applied, in an olfactory and gustatory choreography, with this silk and cotton ribbon wrapped around the base, diffusing a mist that slowly releases small notes … Until the last sip.

Although each of his dishes requires weeks of preparation, he believes that the secret of a good bartender is not in his dexterity, but in his ability to listen. “If the customer wants something done, we will ask him what flavors he likes, listen to his preferences, and sometimes to his beliefs.“.

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And isn’t one of the best ways to get into a person’s relationship is to choose a perfume for them?

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