Eaux Primordiales creates its own company, Financing

His DUT of electronics and business logistics in his pocket, Arnaud Poulain He started his career as a production technician at Haagen Dazs near Arras, before becoming a nose. After seven years of training with Amélie Bourgeois from the Parisian design house Flair, in 2015 he founded his brand, ​​​​Les Eaux Primordiales, in his garage with a first perfume. Today, its catalog offers over 25 perfumes distributed in 18 countries, including France, through its website and 120 retail locations in prestigious stores such as Harrods in London, Bloomingdale’s in the Middle East or Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

After raising 400,000 euros at the end of 2018 with business angels from Hauts-de-France, he joined a new envelope of 2.95 million. By investing 1 million, Edouard Herbo (family trustees), the families of Francis-Charles Pollet (Promod founders) and Thierry Letartre (Anios factories) will participate in the capital for 30%. Bpifrance provides a loan of 450,000 euros for the development of the new work, which is supplemented by a bank loan of 1.5 million.

Develop the creative process

In particular, Arnaud Poulain wants to attract new markets in the Middle East and Asia. These funds allowed him to acquire a property of 14 hectares in Acq, near Arras, a building dating from 1830, owned by the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Coal Mines Exploitation Company. “I will give new life to make it a real perfume factory and a place of honor for Les Eaux Primordiales, where our customers come from all over the world,” he said.

With this grant, the manufacturer will also invest in high-quality equipment to increase the production capacity of this factory to decide, in September, at 700 m.2 This property is now called Domaine Primordial. He also plans to “develop every beauty industry out there”. The cabinet maker, the manufacturer of equipment for the display of perfumes in stores, is working.

Despite the nine months of closures, the perfumer saw its sales increase by 10% to 375,000 euros in 2020.

Spending money

Date of work: 2015
President : Arnaud Poulain
Must: 12 people
section: perfume

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