Deauville: the Jacomo perfume and cosmetics factory is assisted by the Region for its new investment

On Wednesday September 7, 2022, Sophie Gaugain, first vice-president of the Normandy Region, visited the factories of the Jacomo factory in Deauville. ©Philippe JAUTEE

Jacomo perfume and cosmetics factory at Deauville (Calvados)welcomed Wednesday, September 7, 2022, at 3 pm, Sophie Gaugain, first vice-president of the Normandy Region in charge of economic development, and Pascal Allizard, senator from Calvados. “Madame Gaugain has wanted to come for a while,” said Patrice Robert, the site manager, who showed her around the club.

“It was also a good opportunity for him to see where we are in the development of our company and what kind of money we have been given for an automatic line for filling perfume bottles. »

Patrice Robert, manager of the Jacomo site in Deauville

This aid from the Normandy Region is €300,000 for an investment of €1.6 million. The director gave a defined goal: “in the next five years, double the current turnover”.

Pascal Allizard, senator from Calvados, Patrice Robert, director of the Jacomo site, and Sophie Gaugain, first vice-president of the Normandy Region in charge of economic development.
Pascal Allizard, Senator for Calvados, Patrice Robert, Director of the site Jacomo de Deauville, and Sophie Gaugain, First Vice President of the Normandy Region took care of economic development. ©PJ

In full development

The Jacomo production site was founded in Deauville in 1983. It was taken over by the Sarbec company in the 1990s. work for brands, while maintaining our identity, including our Jacomo brand, which we continue to develop. »

“There was a slowdown in 2019 but in 2020, 2021 this year, we see that the growth in the business sector has spread quickly. »

Patrice Robert, manager of the Jacomo site in Deauville

In the years 2020 and 2021, marked by the Covid pandemic, the company did not close. “We have not been affected. In fact, we have made hydroalcoholic gel now, because we can do that. »

The Jacomo factory is looking for it.
Jacomo’s work continues in Deauville. ©PJ


In Deauville, Jacomo has 145 employees and between 50 and 70 volunteers. As indicated by a large banner at the entrance of the factory, the rent continues. “We have hired 18 people on permanent contracts since the beginning of the year and we continue to hire people on permanent contracts,” said Patrice Robert.

The plant is looking for user profiles to work on contact lines. “We do a lot of in-house training for positions that we can’t find, such as repairmen, technicians, operators, storekeepers. »

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