10 perfumes for men that women love

Because they are all different, some women prefer the seductive scents of leather and musk, while others prefer lighter and more subtle fragrances that are more comfortable in the bathroom. of the neck. An indisputable weapon of seduction, your perfume also signals your personality in olfactory harmony with your personality: adventurer, dandy or gentleman… A tour of perfumes 10 best for men with aphrodisiac powers to make you beautiful. about a good woman. It’s your turn!

1. Chanel Blue

We don’t know if it’s a tribute to his muse or if this scent is irresistible, but this Bleu de Chanel wins all the votes. With its woody, aromatic and slightly musky notes, we will not leave anyone in its path.

For whom? Those who are looking for a perfume with style and beauty. With the risk that you don’t (don’t) just wear it, do it yourself!

Eau de Parfum Bleu de Chanel, Chanel

50 ml

2. Sauvage by Dior

Again, with a Johnny Depp representative of the brand Sauvage and the perfume, we do not know if the women have been influenced. However, this elixir with the aromas of bergamot and vanilla will enjoy the most beauty.

For whom? Those who want to release something powerful and accessible at the same time. It is a true love tree.

Sauvage Eau de Toilette, Dior

100 ml

3. Land of Hermes

“Woody, vegetal, mineral”, this is how the brand achieves its fragrance. It should be noted that it is a delicious combination of three of our four ingredients that are owned by Terre d’Hermès. Made from bergamot but also shiso (a Japanese herb), the scent is instantly recognizable.

For whom? Active people, comfortable in their sneakers and dreaming of wide open spaces.

Eau de toilette Terre d’Hermès, Hermès

100 ml

4. Colony of Acqua di Parma

Eau de Cologne in all its glory. A combination of floral elements with notes of lemon, orange, bergamot, but also lavender and sandalwood, Colonia is a perfume that confirms the elegance and beauty of Italy…

For whom? Those who take responsibility and want to turn heads, but not because they are cocotent.

Cologne Colonia, Acqua Di Parma

100 ml

5. Givenchy is for men only

Taste, because it’s not just a woman’s job. The runway is beautiful and soft, without depriving the man who wears it of his virility. With notes of green mandarin, red pepper and patchouli, it will delight serious noses.

For whom? People who like fresh, light and energetic perfumes, but don’t want to smell like Monsieur Propre, if that.

Men’s only eau de toilette, Givenchy

100 ml

6. Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

It is definitely a bold perfume to choose, because its scent is so special. A perfumer’s consultant told us that some women use perfume to mask the smell of cigarettes. We recognized her for her skin odor and she left a scent and no memory of the Uber we left.


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