3 popular perfumes that everyone is talking about right now

Are popular perfumes making a comeback in 2022? Everyone cares! Many celebrities have decided to put their name to a perfume, but relax: this new wave has nothing to do with the “fragrance mania” of the 2000s.

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We remember that at that time, stars like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé put their names in three, four, ten perfumes, more successful than others. other.

Britney Spears and her perfume Informationone of the most popular perfumes of the 2000s

After the decline of this type of product signed by celebrities, we are seeing a resurgence of popularity in 2022. However, the path is very different. Smaller and more independent, the perfume is a true expression of the tastes of the star who attached his name to it in 2022. Attention to detail, personal experience, but above all All of which have a limited range of different popular fragrances.

We present to you three stars that are doing well in the perfume industry in 2022.

It’s a secret in Hollywood: Rihanna smells divine, and everyone who meets her has a good memory of her. So it is not surprising that, when launching its first perfume, Fenty Eau de Parfum, the latter suddenly flew off the shelves. Out of stock for the longest months, the perfume is now available on presale! It combines spicy notes of musk and magnolia blossom with flavors of blueberry and tangerine. It’s the perfect scent, but sweet. And how about its sleek bottle, perfect for minimalist decor!

in the fenty way

Fenty Eau de Parfumavailable online, only at fentybeauty.comat $200/75ml


The young singer is taking her first steps in the field of beauty by releasing a signature fragrance in her image. The star agreed: he loves perfumes and fragrances, and he collected dozens of them during his travels. For this eponymous fragrance, Billie wanted to go from A to Z, from the perfumer’s notes to the iconic bottle through the campaign for the latter. Eilish It’s a nice fragrance, with notes of sweet spices, sweet cocoa and creamy vanilla. The amber bronze bottle is inspired by Billie’s favorite body parts: the chest, the neck and the neck. Amazing!


Eilishavailable online at billieeilishfragrances.ca and June 8 in stores, $80/100ml


The perfume dark by Ariana Grande is far from new, but its popularity is due to some recommendations from influencers on PerfumeTok, who dedicated it as the best perfume. The singer has launched three other fragrances before dark, but it is the most popular in its range. It has sweet notes of vanilla praline, coconut and orchids. A sweet and light fragrance, perfect for summer.

dark, available online and at all good stores, $83/100ml

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