PERFUMES – 5 collections of fragrances that will take you on a journey this fall 2022

Because you don’t have to go to the other side of the world every four mornings, some perfumes offer the feeling of escape, just in the mouth of the bottle! View details.

After summer holidays, long days at the beach, evenings with family or friends, the beginning of the new school year is always associated with nostalgia. Weight limit. It should be said that when we come back, we bring a load of school papers for the children to fill out, long hours of waiting for registrations for all kinds of activities, meetings at the office will start again. hundreds of unread letters to appear again, books to cover, furniture to buy, long days… in short, we all know these lonely times!

The result? Escape at all costs! But many people can’t quit for a few weeks or months… Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution for you! Finally, of course there is one solution among others, but this one immediately attracted us. Some perfumes have been created to honor the most beautiful cities in the world. So, why not make yourself a small gift and take the time to escape a little each day…

© Ricard Ecsedi – unsplahAmong the power of flowers, escape is to appreciate their scent.

1. The City Exclusives Le Labo collection

Since its creation, Le Labo perfumers have always honored the city with their much-loved collection of women’s eau de parfum called City Exclusives. But until recently, these things were found in the cities where they were made and nowhere else. No online ordering, no shipping, no exceptions. Cheer up! Until September 30, these perfumes leave their original city to please all lovers of the brand. The Urban Collection is available online, in Le Labo stores and select stores.

Immerse yourself in it Berlin with CEDRAT 37 which embodies the joyous freedom, stability and sun of this city full of history – with a fresh water, flowing with citron and perfume, wood and Ambergris. full run Tokyo with GAIAC 10, a fragrance based on Gaïac wood, enriched with musky, cedar and olibanum notes. Head to Los Angeles with MUSC 25, an angelic, musky, sparkling water – with sensual, sexual, almost decadent notes including Ambergris vetiver, musk and civet (vegan of course). CUIR 28 takes us to Dubai with its leather, wood and animal notes combined with natural vanilla, giving the water an amber finish! 10 flavors for 10 locations, each hotter. Hurry, these collections will only be waiting for you until September 30th! From 15 ml to 500 ml, from 125 € to 1550 €.

The City's Special Collections
© Le Labo perfumeThe City’s Special Collections

2. The Places collection by Karl Lagerfeld

This line of perfumes sees Karl Lagerfeld travel to his favorite places around the world. The couturier traveled the world with the vision of a child, an insatiable thirst. If his voice and his first memories evoke Germany, he is a famous Parisian designer, and above all a citizen of the world, who knows the universal language of style and imagination. . In this amazing route, the cities have placed themselves, where Karl Lagerfeld lived and thought about his collections, and others that have marked his career… Really embedded in his life and his favorite cities, each bottle is decorated with his signature on text paper in a red frame. On the agenda for this olfactory journey: 6 notes, including NEW YORK MERCER STREET, an eau de parfum conceived as an explosion of citrus fruits combined with the warmth of white pepper and greens of basil and rhubarb, and a heart of rosemary. You will be seduced by HAMBURG ALSTER, with its fern scent, mixed with moss and lavender and fresh water notes. You want TOKYO SHIBUYA or PARIS 21 RUE SAINT GUILLAUME. This year, two new places are coming to expand this collection: ROME DIVINO AMORE (for women) and VIENNA OPERA (for men) see without waiting! Two versions: 60 ml, €45; 100ml, €59 each. Only in Marionnaud.

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3. The Chanel Exclusives collection

The fragrances of this chic collection evoke a part of the history of the great Mademoiselle and some are inspired by the places that were so dear to her. The example with LA PAUSA: name of Gabrielle Chanel’s villa overlooking the calm waters of the Mediterranean, in Roquebrune, surrounded by lavender. A place where the blue of the earth, the air and the sea come together to play fun things here represented by the precious iris pallida, whose soft and powdery nuances represent a comfortable place. Another favorite for a walk in the heart of the French capital: 31 RUE CAMBON, Gabrielle Chanel’s anchorage, in the heart of Paris, where she built her studio in 1918. The sign of style and beauty of Chanel times, expressed by simplicity and simplicity. powerful chypre accord. (75 ml, €185; 200 ml, €330, see

La Pausa: Gabrielle Chanel's house in Roquebrune
© ChanelLa Pausa: Gabrielle Chanel’s house in Roquebrune

4. The personal collection of Christian Dior

The house of Dior also created perfumes that evoke the places loved by Mr. Dior. This is the case of GRANVILLE, town where the designer’s childhood home is located, a property converted into a museum and surrounded by beautiful gardens. A fresh, vibrant, aromatic scent that evokes the wind blowing in Granville and the waves crashing against the rock this house is built on. Another destination, in the south of France, a stone’s throw from Grasse: LA COLLE NOIRE, the name of the property acquired by Christian Dior in 1951, which became his floral paradise, a true refuge of the laid back. An ode to the May rose that permeates these gardens, La Colle Noire perfume was created when someone drew a picture of a place and its historic flower. This fragrance combines the sweet image of a May rose with a strong character. The composition is organized around the beauty and strength of this sensual flower and honey. (125, 250 or 450 ml, from €240, Also to be found in the other collections of the brand, the ESCALE A PORTOFINO eau de toilette, a true journey to Italy – composed of precious ingredients: type of bergamot from Calabria, citron from Italy , petit grain from Sicily, almond, orange blossom and Mediterranean sea cucumber (125 ml, €130,

5. Memo’s Travel Scents

“The Journey is the destination” is the motto of the Memo brand. Launched in 2007, led by Clara Molloy and her husband John, the brand considers fragrance as a journey, building its identity around magical places and powerful raw materials. , good natural ingredients. A desire for other places and meetings in the image of marriage. He is Parisian, poet and Catalan; he is Irish, globetrotter and sportsman. So, one of their scents will take you to the other side of the world. This is the case, for example, AFRICAN ROSE, inspired by the African continent, which presents warm notes of cardamom and saffron on a floral base of geranium and whose skin gives a life in a wild skin of diversity (eau de parfum, €430). You will also fall for JAMAL’S PALACE which will take you to India and immerse you directly in its atmosphere and aroma, its endless energy, its streets, markets and palaces, leading to the aroma . The colors of saris, the scents of spices, seeds and resins are combined in this fresh Oud, fresh and fruity on top, combined with an overdose of amber and a hint of leather. for a strong signature (eau de parfum, 75 ml, €225,

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Photographs: Andrew Studentsman

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