5 examples of her unique style of clothing

“None of Us Are Immortal”. In a green dress, Queen Elizabeth II addressed the leaders gathered for COP26 on Monday, November 1, 2021 with a strong tone about climate change. Immaculate white hair, a pearl and a diamond and ruby ​​​​butterfly brooch… As always, every element of her outfit was thought out to the last detail. Over the years, his original and beautiful clothes have always succeeded in surprising the public and inspiring the greatest designers.

His appearance has become something of a joke for the British who take a bet on the color of his hat every year during the Royal Ascot horse race. But why is the queen’s character so talked about? What is special? Let’s go back to five examples of these royal toilets.

1Heir to love hats

If there’s one accessory to a royal outfit that’s rarely seen, it’s the hat. Flowers, feathers, black or grass, the queen’s head is always enhanced with imagination. And that is the subject of ridicule…

This is interesting for hats, held by Elizabeth II from her grandmother and her mother, who did not go out without covering their hair.. “In the 1940s, all women, regardless of their social status, were heads”explains Thomas Pernette, author of Elizabeth II: royal crown. “Elizabeth II is the world’s last immortal”.

Amazing and colorful hats that have a style. Most importantly, they can see the queen from a distance when she is in the crowd. But be careful, to become a prince, some rules must be observed. It should not hide the queen’s eyes and should not be too long or too wide: it can affect her movement when she gets out of the car.

For Pamela Golbin, curator at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and art historian, “Elizabeth’s hats are truly works of art, just like the pictures. But they can be the starting point of a conversation like the weather. It’s a communication tool.”

( Left to right ) Elizabeth II on October 18, 1982;  the Queen on March 12, 2002;  Elizabeth II on March 7, 2019. (TIM GRAHAM / MAX MUMBY INDIGO)

2Comfort is above all

“Elizabeth II is an ordinary woman. She wears clothes that make her comfortable” Thomas Pernette told us. The queen does not listen to any dress. The difference between the dresses worn by her predecessor, Queen Victoria, is a proof of this: Elizabeth II abandoned the voluminous and opulent dress, a symbol of power, for a small but more comfortable.. “His dress is like a soldier’s dress: it shows his rank and status”, adds Pamela Golbin. With his uniform, the King must be seen. That’s why he always wears the same things: 15cm gloves, a bag with a long sleeve that leaves his hands free, leather shoes with a small heel.

In his book The other side of the coin, Angela Kelly, her adviser, explained that she always wore the princess’s shoes in front of her to soften them. “It has often been reported in the press that the ‘lackey’ puts on the King’s shoes to make sure they are comfortable. “His own shoes, and although we are the same size…”writes the one who taught the King for twenty years.

Queen Elizabeth II at the wedding of her grandson, Prince William, on April 29, 2011. (BEN STANSALL / AFP)

3Upcycling is ahead of time

Contrary to popular belief, Elizabeth II did not wear her clothes just once. Always a steward, the Queen of England is a pioneer in ecology. “When his groups become more public, he changes and postpones., says Thomas Pernette. A tradition related to Windsor and has stuck to the younger generation: it is common to see Kate or William wearing fast clothes or wearing their evening clothes many times. “Elizabeta’s mother dressed her daughters in little blue dresses.said Thomas Pernette.

(Left and right) Queen Elizabeth II with Kate Middleton on March 19, 2019;  the Queen on November 15, 2020;  Elizabeth II on November 14, 2021. (KARWAI TANG; BEN STANSALL / POOL / AFP; GEOFF CADDICK / AFP;)

4Political clothes?

It’s hard to tell if the queen really hides a political message behind each of her outfits. He did not talk about his choices and did not respond to the opinions and explanations of the British media. However, some conditions have been shown to leave little time. In 2011, the Queen visited Dublin for the first time. The Irish have not seen an English monarch in their country for over a century due to political disputes between the two states. For this visit, Elizabeth II chose a green dress, the color of Ireland. “If it is not a political letter, it is at least a diplomatic letter”, says our expert, Thomas Pernette. “The Queen doesn’t give away her political views. But her clothes can be a way to get around this rule. details Pamela Golbin.

Queen Elizabeth II in Dublin, May 17, 2017. (OLI SCARFF / GETTY IMAGES EUROPE)

One of the Queen’s choices has caused controversy, especially in 2017, when she walked into the House of Commons wearing a blue hat covered in flowers with a bright yellow heart. Some people saw the European flag there and wondered if the Queen was against Brexit. In his book, Elizabeth II’s royal adviser announced that it was a one-off. “He never showed up like that again”, said Thomas. A large blue ribbon was replaced by small daisies.

(Left and right) Queen Elizabeth II in Parliament, June 21, 2017;  The Queen on June 1, 2019 in Epsom, England.  (CARL COURT / MAX MUMBY)


“The Queen is not the victim and the Windsors don’t usually set the tone”explains Thomas Pernette, happily, “except Princess Margaret, Elizabeth’s sister”. If she has come to attend some Fashion Week shows, even with Anna Wintour, Elizabeth II is not interested in new trends. However, many milliners were inspired by its style. “He’s just a symbol”, says Pamela Golbin, “not just style. The Queen of England is the only person in the world who wears this style.”

Queen Elizabeth II and Anna Wintour at London Fashion Week, February 20, 2018. (WPA POOL / GETTY IMAGES EUROPE)

Over the years, the British monarchy has evolved. A change made by the success of his designers and stylists but also his age. When she was crowned in 1953, the Queen was 25 years old. She is young, beautiful. Her clothes inspired the women of that time. Today, her image has changed: she has become a princess “the grandmother of the world”, as Thomas Pernette explains: “That’s why, since the year 2000, he always wears a hat style, between a bell and a sailor. He makes very few choices”. A more thoughtful and warm style that fits him like a glove.

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