What are some memorable comics?

A beautiful photo of Jimi Hendrix? The moving and ecological history of the broken mouth? The life of an artist in Turkey under Erdogan? A touching and instructive letter between a critic and an artist? The physical and artistic journey of a great writer? A thriller among young Americans? We guide you.

1- “The last queen” by Jean-Marc Rochette: beautiful ecological story

He said this story is important to his work. Later Ailephroid a The wolf, Jean-Marc Rochette ends his mountain trilogy with this story of a broken face from 1914. His hero, Édouard Roux, the so-called (given his red mop of hair) finds refuge in the studio Jeanne Sauvage. This sculptor gave him a face and introduced him to the circle of artists in Montmartre. At the sale, Edouard introduces him to the splendor of the Vercors plain and the story of the last bear he saw killed as a child. The many flashbacks in the history of the area show that modern man is just a drop of water, but a very destructive one, on a global scale. The love relationship is very touching: a man is saved by a woman… It’s a great musical image.

the late queen by Jean-Marc Rochette to be published by Casterman on October 5

2- “Anxious Diary of Istanbul” by Ersin Karabulut: the birth of an artist in Turkey in chaos

The 40-year-old Turkish cartoonist tells in his latest book, his beginnings as a cartoonist in Turkey before Erdogan came to power. We see the rise of fundamentalism, the slow erosion of freedoms in a country full of satirical newspapers.

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The book of concern is Istanbul by Ersin Karabulut published by Dargaud

3- “Perpendicular to the sun” by Valentine Cuny-Le Callet: love despite the bars

In 2016, the author began a correspondence with Renaldo McGirth, a death row inmate who had been incarcerated for more than 10 years in Florida. In black and white, the comic tells of their epistolary relationship, and life on death row. Perpendicular to the sun our label BD Jeune Talent: a way to draw attention to a young writer we believe in.

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Perpendicular to the sun by Valentine Cuny-Le Callet published by Delcourt

4- “Kiss the sky” by JM Dupont and Mezzo: birth of a star

On November 27, 1942, the day he was born, his father was not allowed to come to see him. Before becoming a self-taught musician, Johnny Allen Hendrix, aka Jimy Hendry, lived a poor and troubled childhood in Seattle. He was born in the war of a free mother, and without a father, he was raised mainly by his aunt. But he had time to go through all the fights, and the reunion of his parents… In this first book, we see the beginning of Jimy Hendry in music. A life of adventure serving others like Gorgeous George or the Tams. Presented in elegant black and white to suit a flamboyant and trendy style.

kiss the sky by Jean-Michel Dupont and Mezzo to be published by Glénat

5 – “Merel” by Clara Lodewick: female goat with Manichaeism

Merel bought her bags at the market, medium length hair, an oversized khaki puffer jacket, and hiking boots. He lives apart from his community. But he goes to events and has friends. Everything is going well until the day when the news about her is spread: Merel will laugh with her friends’ husband… This woman has been kicked out of this small town. Children can enter it. This work, the first of the young writer, is very strong… Shown with quality, and with nuances, the nature of restraint and violence. The very clear line design serves this otherness in the Manichaean story with dignity. Through the daily life of her heroine, Clara Lodewick fascinates this character, who pays a lot for her freedom… A must-read.

Merle by Clara Lodewick published by Dupuis in the collection Les ondes Marcinelle

6 – “Secrets of superhuman strength” by Alison Bechdel: in corpore sano

If there’s one book you don’t expect, it’s this one. Alison Bechdel, the beautiful nerd who made her family history and her girlfriend the subject of her previous songs, follows in the footsteps of her athletes. The American writer is a fitness enthusiast. But there are her reasons… This novel describes the journey of love, thought, spirit and sport that led her to become the woman she is today: a self-taught, self-aware novelist. himself and know what he is. like… interested.

The secrets of human strength by Alison Bechdel published by Denoël

7 – “Colorado Train” by Alex W. Inker: best performer

Railroad tracks, a mine, a poor town, and a group of teenagers. In this deep America of friends, Michael, Durham, Suzy, and Donnie spend their days building a rocket. One day, the boy disappeared. He was found a few days later, in a bad condition. The children decide to investigate. In the shadows, the killer watched them move.

In this fast-paced black-and-white musical adapted from Thibault Vermot’s novel, we follow the characters in song. Each chapter is introduced by a similar pop title Three imaginative children by The Cure… Alex W. Inker’s heavily inspired artwork compliments Thibault Vermot’s book.

train colorado by Alex W. Inker based on the novel by Thibault Vermot published by Sarbacane

8 – “The last weekend of January” by Bastien Vivès: Return to Angoulême

Vives are always amazing! Denis Choupin, author of serious debates, attends the annual debate conference. But the reaper’s wife failed this predicted weekend… This quiet story is a surprise for the author of Little Paul which could provoke his mark. But the methods are more complex. Festival regulars will know the places, the people (dedicated collectors…), and the atmosphere associated with the event. And the drawing by Bastien Vivès is amazing.

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9 – “Slava” by Pierre-Henry Gomont: problems of nickel-plated legs in post-Soviet Russia

The artist sold his soul to the devil… With the collapse of the USSR, underground businesses and wealth flourished. Slava Segalov, a broke artist, begins with the fraudster Dimitri Lavrine, specialized in the sale of public goods and their sale to private companies… After meeting a young girl and his father, they decided to start a bigger scam… We are happy to follow these nickel-plated legs in their quest. A very beautiful Slavic song, full of energy and movement.

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Slavic by Pierre-Henry Gomont published by Dargaud

10 – “Gauloises” by Igort and Andrea Serio: duel of assassins

Two Italian leather workers were called to join. Another, Ciro, smokes the Gauloises with elegance, respect for women, and jazz. The other is a box as a model… The standard line of Igort’s pencil sets the mood for this quasi-Italian west.

Gauloises by Igort and Andrea Serio at Futuropolis

And also

  • The Minister and the Mona Lisa by Hervé Bourhis, Franck Bourgeron and Hervé Tanquerelle in Casterman: a political satirical story centered around the Minister of Culture André Malraux and the acquisition of a legendary painting by Leonardo da Vinci. LISTEN | comic speech bubbles
  • The Man with the Lion’s Head by Xavier Coste. It was the beginning of the 20th century, when women with beards or 4 legs, original men, dwarfs, giants, Siamese, skeleton men appeared in circuses. It’s time to show off what’s wrong, what’s usually taken for granted. LISTEN | comic speech bubbles
  • Release Years (Casterman) by Pochep, Marie Colmant and Gérard Lefort: the history of the newspaper in the 1980s and 1990s. There were years when the great wind of freedom and the spirit of a good school blew, but it was seen when AIDS came. He is funny in the picture about caricature and enthusiasm.
  • Collection Paws of the Bees in Society with thanks to Charlie Schlingo

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