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The Roaring Twenties are entering fashion. 100 years later, this retro accessory is still working on the catwalks and on the streets. Consider this return evaluated through a modern prism.

Work is always new. True, true, a saying has been heard, but it is true. Proof, 100 years later, is what it is twenty two is back in action. This era of celebration and carelessness marked the beginning of fashion as we know it. It was then heavily influenced by the Art Deco style with its refined style, geometric shapes and colors. This means the rise of luxury designers such as Vionnet, Lanvin or Chanel.

World War I showed the world what women could do. So more clothes nice and activities. They are only suitable for working women. On the other hand, evening dresses give pride of place to sequins, sequins and other decorations. It’s a fun time. The character has recently received his letters of honor. With a modern twist of course.


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To attract all eyes in the evening, the the corners those are the right ones. They give a dramatic edge to every movement. The result is fixed! They returned to fashion shows like Chloé. Since then, they have decorated dresses, tops and dresses as desired. Black power, they become the best. But fringes are also available in shiny or metallic colors for a party girl look. On the color side, red, blue and silver are the best results. They also blow the bohemian wind when they decorate the dress or the shoes. Woodstock is not far away!

Low-waisted clothing

In the Roaring Twenties, the ultra constraining corset slowly disappeared. The same goes for voluminous dresses and multiple petticoats. They give it to the popular low waist shift dress. Delete the submitted documents. Here we play the male-female card with pieces that no longer hug the body. Today, the straight dress is seeing a comeback. For a retro addition, it uses a low waist. A mix between the 20s and 2000s!

On the color side, there is no such thing as timelessness little black dress, invented by Chanel in the 1920s. He is the one who allocates this color for clothes. Previously associated with mourning, this shade became the height of chic. This piece has become a staple of clothing ever since. Today it comes in many forms. To match the styles of the season, head to cropped, mirrored or bare styles.


of the habit, is one of the most popular shoes of the moment. Conceived in 1927 by Chanel (she admits again), it is “the ultimate in beauty” according to her. Its main feature: its opening at the back of the leg. The heel is secured by a flange. The first beige with a black leg and a heel, is now available in many ways. Mules, pumps, moccasins, there’s something for every style. It can be combined with jeans and a crop top for the day and a beautiful dress for the evening. In any case, it will add a beautiful note to the look. To fully embrace the retro aesthetic, we choose them with 3D rhinestones or sequins.

Opera gloves

opera gloves
Available: Canva

It’s on social media and on the catwalks of fashion shows like Fendi opera gloves met with an unexpected blessing. Popularized by girls as diverse as Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo, they are establishing themselves as models. Their beauty is reminiscent of Hollywood stars and beautiful women of the past. They will become smaller in 2022, combined with cargo jeans and a T-shirt or corset for a touch. In the evening, you can play the first high card with a long slip dress. For a new beauty, we choose them noble materials such as satin, silk or velvet.

The shiny keys

If the cuts were easy in the Roaring Twenties, the emphasis was on the other side in the decorations. With one word: the bright. Sequin, glitter, metallic effect, nothing is too good. Shine comes this season to add pep to every room. And we don’t forget things like shoes or bags. They also carry bright tones. The current trend: rhinestones.


It’s impossible to copy the style of the 20s without adding a touch of hairy. Whether it’s boas, dresses or hats, the Roaring Twenties were full of them. For the past few seasons, ostrich fur has been popular. They decorate the hem of tops, dresses and dresses or stand out as a complete look in the piece. They add a beautiful touch to any outfit. To show them off, we wear bright colors like purple or orange. Special mention for bustiers, wear with jeans to change, or a little dress for a sexy look.

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