The luxury selection: our little pleasure at low prices

A refreshing grape and mint mist, an anti-mosquito fragrance, a tonic daisy oil… Our beauty knows how to prolong the summer.

Our choice of drugs is like holidays

The secret baby face Swedish champions? A regular exfoliation with this pineapple enzyme powder quickly removes dead skin cells. To stimulate these gluttonous enzymes, add a hint of rose water and a drop of vegetable oil. Then, massage in circular motions, protect the face area, leave it to work for 10 minutes, then wash with warm water.

Exfoliating Face Powder, Björk and Berries, €25.

These new medications are shipped to your home the same day. They guarantee us the highest quality of ingredients, the skin keeps its summer color, and we take our five fruits and vegetables a day.

Healthy Glow treatments – mask, serum, lotion, jelly, make-up remover –, Freeedge Beauty, from €12.99.

  • Daisy oil

We like it a little, a lot, a lot… for its good qualities in soft skin after a good day under the sun. Use on wet skin after showering and as an invigorating massage, to maintain its firmness.

Organic Daisy Oil, Natessance, €10.90.

  • Turn your bath into sorbet water

No, no … these little pots are not edible like summer sorbet. This is a bath with the flavors of our favorite ice creams: vanilla-strawberry, raspberry-blackcurrant, coconut-passion… In the bath, they leave water, smell very good and leave the skin to silk.

Bath Bomb, Les Petits Bains de Provence, €3.99.

  • A bottle of 100% pure milk

The best bath of the moment, with fruit milk of rice, centella, flax, and virgin olive oil. And on the skin? It’s a gentle and ultra-soft cleansing emulsion that the skin absorbs like whey. And we find ourselves wanting to end the fun.

Body cleansing milk, fresh, €11 for 75 ml.

We know you should always have a good moisturizer with you, especially in the summer. It has the beauty of being filled with pieces of silk wood and red pigments with anti-fatigue effects. It’s enough to win our vanity visa hands down.

Skin treatment, Embryolis, €30.

  • A glam mosquito repellent

Thank you mosquitoes for making us draw this spray. Monoi has a nice smell and you will want to keep spraying it once the bags are sealed. The icing on the cake is that it is healthy, clean, lasts 8 hours and also prevents tiger mosquitoes.

Bodyguard Perfumed Mosquito Repellent, available in 7 scents, €12.90 for 100 ml.

Decorations good vibes

To make us smile in the morning, our little boxes of love make-up carry the mischievous atmospheres signed by the artist Mathilde Cabanas. Also, blush is a must this season: we love it!

The Mathilde Cabanas x Bourjois collection, available exclusively at Monoprix, €12.99 each.

  • An eyeliner full of character

After outlining our eyes with a black pencil line all winter, we turn to colored eyeliners. Blue, Barbie red or bling gold, we’re spoiled for choice. Then we have fun: the fine line that melts with the eyeliner for a touch, the extra eyeshadow or the ephemeral tattoo drawn on the shoulder, in the summer, everything is allowed.

Your pick: Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner, Sephora, €10. Aqua Resist Color Ink Liquid Eyeliner, Make Up Forever, €25. More Color Gel Eyeliner, Mac, €25.

  • An eyeshadow tube

There is no need to increase your retirement savings. Many of these shades do not take soft colors, apply quickly with the finger and are formulated with organic green tea and extracted from quinoa peptides, to nourish and soften the contour of the face.

Pink, RMS Beauty, €28 each.

In addition to smelling like orange blossom, this dry oil with argan and sweet almond will beautify everything in its path: legs, décolleté and sides of the hair. Apply in the evening, because it is not visible during the day.

Glow Oil, Voilà, Blissim, €27.90.

  • Nail polish to match the outfit

We first fell for the Bleu Sarah paint (by designer Sarah Poniatowski and the Ressource brand) to brighten up the bathroom walls. Here it is, like the shadows of the house, in a varnish type – composed of natural materials and made in France – to show with nails.

Sarah Blue Nail Polish and Chinese tea, Maison Sarah Lavoine, €18.

  • A coral on the lips

Since the end of the use of the mask, the sales of lipsticks and glasses have increased (+ 35% of the following week). Shades to wear this summer? It’s sure to pop and shine, like this beautiful coral, which will happily glow on golden skin.

Choose from: ColorStay Satin Ink Liquid Lipstick, Fire & Ice, Revlon, €11.50. Brilliance Lipstick, Tang Thang, Fenty, €22. Beautiful, Beautiful Chic Sephora, €10.99.

A scent of the holidays

Is the beach and sun too far away? No matter what, we treat ourselves to an aromatic journey with these eau de parfums created by expert perfumers. Head to the beach of Brazil with Bahia Samba, with orange coconut and orange blossom sun. A trip to a Cuban bar with Cuba Club, with aromas of spicy vanilla and amber tobacco, or to India with Bombay Chic, a sexy swirl of patchouli, red berries and ginger.

Les Signatures perfumes, Adopt, €16.95 for 50 ml.

  • It is a plant stimulator

We wake up in a pleasant mood with a cloud of orange blossom water, grapes, mint, rose and rosemary. It refreshes, stimulates, refines the texture of the skin and gives it, as a bonus, a good boost of radiance.

Eau de Beauté, Caudalie, €11.90 for 30 ml.

For washing away sun filters after sunbathing, these organic shea butter soaps will last a lifetime while also offering a fragrant aroma of essential oils. Mint, geranium, lemon and lime blossom, with stimulating or relaxing effects, they increase our endorphin levels to the zenith.

Choice of: Happy Soap, Relaxation, Time, €14. Geranium-Litsea Cubeba Bath Water, Weleda, €4.30. Exfoliating soap with lemon tree and poppy seed honey, Secrets de Miel, €14. Shea-Mint Exfoliating Soap, Naturhôna, €6.

  • Flowers to increase hair

We nail them in our hair, bohemian chic, like in the spring-summer show of the designer Naeem Khan, give style to the hair a little wild on the way back from the beach or slump his little evening bun.

Barrettes and clips from €10 at Claire’s.

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