Swimming pool, key setting for luxury stores

Even though most of it is democratized today, the swimming pool still has some sense of beauty. This sign did not escape the attention of the great French perfumers, and for forty years now in their models turquoise and chlorinated waters to spread their scent. In 2019, the trends did not run out of steam because Dior and Chanel did not hesitate to put the oil of Hollywood in the deep. But why do beaches always have swimming pools?

“Luxury, calm and voluptuousness”

When Ridley Scott released the ad for Chanel Number 5 perfume in 1979, he probably had no idea that this first foray into the watery world would become a must for perfumes. It should be said that forty years ago, a single swimming pool immediately marked membership in a high social class. What could be more elitist than avoiding the summer crowds that come to be hit by thousands on a wide area of ​​beach that stretches out in front of your own pool, protected from the information, noise and crowd. If the swimming pool evokes feelings of irrefutable financial value, the promotion of a luxury item (perfume) can be consumed by everyone (or almost) in this area considered to be can not lead the viewer to become, at least, this noble caste. Don’t have a pool? Use perfume and share this unique life experience. It’s a subliminal message that can’t be stopped.

But the choice of swimming pool was in 1979 a a fortiori in 2019, when private pools have grown like mushrooms all over France (and in other industrialized countries), there are sales opportunities. The place from the guide ofstranger In other words, it is a good example of this: who is swimming, the naked body speaks (feminine of the class). It’s enough to titillate the ship without knowing how to touch it. Scott goes further, zooming in on the suggestive images (the muscled, toned woman in question facing the pool waiting for the man to come out of the water). This latent eroticism, combining beauty and nature, has changed form four years later, but it remains the backbone of many campaigns, including the latest one from Dior .

For Dior J’adore l’absolu, Romain Gavras (who is also a film director) sees Charlize Theron’s photo shoot appearing as Venus by Botticelli. But the goddess of the Italian artist, humble, only shows her body and above all, she did not show much wealth. But in the world of perfume, we sell dreams, beauty and beauty. In a completely post-modern gilded harem, where the man has disappeared, a lascivious female areopagus imagines the shot of Charlize Theron, no, bathing in copper water. After a wide shot of the actress from behind, shirtless, emerging from the water, we see her parade, her plastic not covered in a shiny gold veil. The Dior collections have well remembered the rules laid down by Ridley Scott in the last century: flesh and beauty. Instead of a beautiful Tuscan-style villa, an oriental gynoecium, gilding and, icing on the cake, for a contemporary bling bling print, for example a title by Kanye West, ” Flashing Lights “.

Trundle Advertising

Therefore, one can imagine that putting women (and no longer models) in swimming pools can add to the attractiveness of perfumes and the desire for meatlessness ( to continue buying a product). But lower the capacity of the swimming pool in the advertisement. Because by opening up their features, brands offer themselves for the same price a further display of other types of assets: jewelry.

It is not possible to buy a river of diamonds with a turtleneck and, apart from advertisements in the written press, there are no places that appreciate the beautiful things made by haute-couture houses. And this is where a swimming pool provides a perfect setting. So, in Dior’s Joy ad, shot by Francis Lawrence (Hunger Games, Red Sparrow), Actress Jennifer Lawrence wears a stunning necklace from the Dior jewelry collection. There’s no clothes to stop the pearl from growing, only the young star’s chest.

This concept of killing two birds with one stone is also a hallmark of the Dior house. A few years ago, Natalie Portman was photographed in a swimming pool, with the same necklace around her neck. In the place Miss Dior directed by Sofia Coppola, to the song of “La Vie en rose”, the Oscar-winning actor (as well as Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence, according to which Oscar does not open only to the doors of the cinema), shoulders. and chest without any skill, proud of the Rose Dior Bagatelle crown of wealth that does not show on the site, but is very clear from the possibility for the average buyer of the perfume , until it has marked the beauty…

Aquatic environment, proven cinegenic

Decided, the swimming pool as a decoration of an advertisement for perfume turns into a masterstroke, surfing twice in the world martingale of sales (hule), in the projection of the customer in of the dream world that can be achieved through the product. (luxury) and implicit double advertising (jewellery). But instead of a swimming pool that moves the number to the home, eliminating all other areas, through the plasticity of the water element. Water is always cinemagenic. Artist Bill Viola has extended his abilities to many works.

Other artists before him, like Shakespeare who died in it Hamlet Ophelia’s lifeless body floating on water, British painter John Everett Millais (Ophelia, 1852) was honored by the director Rocky Schenck in the film “Where the wild Roses grow” by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue, was inspired by this fact that is stuck in the unknown.

John Everett Millais, Ophelia, 1852 | Tate, London / Wikimedia

The onirism of the water, its natural rhythms that represent bodies suspended in their own gravity. Floating, dripping, they compose a dreamy poem about passion. “In our eyes, water is a dream”, Gaston Bachelard (in Water and dreams, book published in 1942). The Bleu de Chanel campaign, directed by Steve McQueen and Gaspard Ulliel in a swimming pool, is part of this visual tradition. In the music of “Starman” by David Bowie, the artist ends his night journey with a dive, an opportunity to think about the water of the bodies. This short ballet relies on the beauty of movement, slowed down and enhanced by water and turns its back to eroticized scenes.

As color historian Michel Pastoureau observed in his article Blue, History of a Color, Blue is often mentioned as a favorite color of Western parents. Gold and blue swimming pool. The unique feel of this shade is an advertiser’s dream. Being content without seeing as many people as possible will cause the public to misapply a great photo.

It should be noted that using a bath in a perfume ad is really golden. Everything is there: dreams, beauty, eroticism, beauty… Everything that is supposed to be offered by a small bottle that offers its customers condensed in the brand of bath water. Therefore, sometimes, some brands hesitate to accept these metaphors like Lancôme in its latest La Vie est belle. Julia Roberts (hey, another Oscar winner) has fun in the pool but only her bare feet in it, as if we wanted to ignore the erotic subtext.

But the best example is Dior’s masterstroke, the one for his Eau Sauvage fragrance that has images from Jacques Deray’s film. The swimming pool (1969). A naked body, lying on the edge of a turquoise pool under the hot sun. Thought, beauty, beauty, heart… The public’s desire was inspired by this perfect decoration, this perfect image, for a man, and a man!

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