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Fall is a great time of year to plant trees. So it’s the right time to wait and organize your terrace, your balcony or your garden. A fast growing evergreen shrub suitable for quickly creating privacy, hiding the wall, filtering the wind, eliminating the invisible elements. The evergreen leaves guarantee you a visual effect all year round. On the other hand, there are some types of trees with growing leaves, beautiful flowers, beautiful spices, decorative fruits. Our gardening team has selected a unique selection of the best varieties and advice to encourage their growth.

Planting trees in the fall is ideal because the earth is warming.

Locals recommend planting different species if you create a private garden. It is useful not only for the decorative effect, but also for the biodiversity of your garden. We have created a small selection of plants to help you create a unique plant protection.

The first flower in the house is the best, right?

#Laurel of Portugal (prunus lusitanica) – a beautiful flower

If you are looking to make a perfect defense, this is the laurel of Portugal for you. Its leaves are green, dark brown and very firm. It has a harmonious character, which gives the impression that it will always be preserved. If you like topiary art, you know that it is possible to achieve beautiful things with the laurel of Portugal. Its blooming of white flowers will bring a beautiful look to your garden. Cultivation is not difficult, make sure a place in the sun or partial shade. Regular watering is necessary during the first year.

You can use the laurel culture of Portugal in pots and separately

#Phormium – a natural cosmetic waste

If you want an original garden out of the ordinary, choose phormium. It is separated by slender leaves. You can use it to make a small wall. This tree can beautifully decorate your balconies or hide a technical element in the garden. It comes in a variety of colors including a variety of green and purple green with a little bronze. The phormium is from New Zealand, the sun is not afraid of it. On the other hand, in winter, it should be well protected with mulching and a protective layer.

The phormium has a visual and modern look

what plants do not lose leaves in winter photinia red leaves

#Chalef (eleagnus ebbingei) – an alluring fragrance

The chalef is the star among the fast-growing evergreen trees for creating a hedge. The reason is that this plant is very hardy and resistant to urban pollution. It has dark leaves depending on the shape. This tree is spectacular with its fall flowers. The small pink flowers give off a sweet fragrance that will brighten up your garden. Chalef likes well-drained soils and sunny areas.

It takes a year to establish the cahlef

chalef white flowers green leaves

#Arbutus (arbutus unedo) – colorful and edible fruits

It is the fastest growing Mediterranean evergreen tree. Its fruits are edible, which means they will bring life to your garden. It is useful, because it is decorative and easy to maintain. The strawberry tree has a round shape and can reach a height of 5 m. In the fall, it is covered with beautiful red fruits. Its leaves are very shiny. It grows in average soil and does well in sun or partial shade. It fits in a wall to give you privacy.

Arbutus is called “strawberry tree” because of its shape and color

red fruit and orange tree

#Photinia – leaves full of wonders

Photinia surprises us in the spring with bright red flowers. But due to the variety, you can get different leaves. It can reach a height of 3 m. However, you can save the size of your plate. It is an inconspicuous flower, which brings a beautiful interest to your garden. In order for photinia to grow, the soil must be well drained and rich in humus. It is hardy and can withstand temperatures up to -15 degrees.

Photinia should be cut twice a year

#Rhododendron ponticum – for shady areas

The rhododendron is undoubtedly the most beautiful tree. You can plant this fall to create a natural hedge. Wild rhododendron is the variety we recommend. The latter is harder and faster growing. It’s easy to plant as a wall, but you can try to think outside the box. Its mauve flowers are bright, because this plant only likes shade. It is very resistant to cold and frost.

Rhododendron is characterized by strong leaves and fast growth

what is the fastest growing evergreen shrub rhododendron ponticum purple flowers

#Pittosporum (pittosporum tenuifolium) – beautiful variegated leaves

This tree seduces us with the beautiful details of its small leaves. They are decorated with a white pattern and arranged on a black branch. Pithosporum is carefully monitored and maintained. You can cut as much as you like. Give it with normal soil and a sunny place in a bed or a wall. Has an average growth of 2-3 m.

Pittosporum should not be pruned at the end of winter in order not to change its flower

green plants with fast growth pittosporum tenuifolium green leaf plant

#Oleander (nerium oleander) – beautiful flowers all summer long

You certainly know that there are many trees that bear the name laurel. They should not be confused, because they are not from the same family. The oleander is a fast-growing plant that can reach 3 m in height. We love it for its bright flowers and sweet fragrance. Oleander likes full sun and good soil. Pruning, care and watering will help to increase the flower. The oleander is suitable for a balcony or terrace.

Combine oleander with a lemon tree, Indian lilac or agapanthus

full green oleander herb

Helpful tips

Our selection of fast growing evergreen trees. Each type has different benefits when it comes to leaves, flowers, and scent. Always buy your plants at the nursery. A professional gardener will know the soil in your area well and can give you recommendations that are suitable for your climate. The advantage of planting in the fall is that farmers are offered good prices to sell their goods before winter.

If you don’t have a nurse near you, online ordering is possible.

indoor forest green plants

The few types of herbs that we told you about in our article of the day are our favorites. You should know when they reach their best size, two years. However, there are some tricks that you can use to speed up the growth of your trees and quickly get that much-desired privacy.

#Drain well when planting

A fast growing evergreen shrub is a Mediterranean plant. However, in areas where the temperature remains below freezing for a long time, good drainage is necessary. It should be drained with sand and gravel. For plants, freezing temperatures are more dangerous than freezing temperatures. Remember that standing water is one of the main causes of tree death.

evergreen hedge shrub phormium pot house flower garden silver

#A mulch for the winter

Create a good winter mulch with wood chips. Protection is always required in cold areas.

green glove garden

# Preparing the land for growth

Prepare a good hole to help the plant root quickly. The planting hole should be twice as large as the pot. Dig the soil deeply and add organic soil. Compost twice a year to speed up their growth.

red-flowered evergreens


For trees, water is necessary in the first years for their rapid growth. Install drip irrigation to make your life easier.

manual garden watering

The ideal distance is 1.50 m between two trees

You understand, to quickly create a plant protection, there are things to consider and make the right plant choice. Evergreen trees are a great way to hide from your neighbors while still having a beautiful garden. Be mindful, and if you’ve moved in, plant your trees as soon as possible.


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shrub bush alle house vedrdure

photinia angle house shrub red leaves

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